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It’s always important repeating the #1 mantra of home cooks - the right condiment can make or break your dish, including everything from quick breakfast sandwiches to exquisite Sunday dinner main courses. Not only does it add finishing touches to the overall flavor mood, but a truly right sauce, squeeze, glaze, or marinade will dress your food creations in eye-catching colors and striking aroma. So, if you consider yourself a perfectionist foodie who doesn’t let anything slide - at Yummy Bazaar, we think we’ve found a secret weapon for you. It’s Terrapin Ridge Farms we’re eager to introduce you to. The brand has made a name for itself as the leader groundbreaker in the gourmet & specialty condiment market. Including everything from classics, such as mayo & mustard, to its unique renditions and new creations, Terrapin Ridge Farms has revolutionized millions of pantries across the country. We think it’s time for the brand to visit yours, too, don’t you? So, please follow us to the list of the top 7 specialty & gourmet condiments from Terrapin Ridge Farms whenever you're ready.Terrapin Ridge Farms products on a table

Introducing Terrapin Ridge Farms!

Terrapin Ridge Farms has been on the market for quite some time, but it was only after 2010, when Mary O’Donnell purchased the brand, that the company truly took off as one of the most sought-after producers of specialty condiments, sauces, dips & everything necessary for adding unique flavors to your meals. Now, Terrapin Ridge Farms is associated with good times & unforgettable flavors - all that, only in a short span of 10-years! By constantly striving for innovation, the company has made a staggering difference in the market - there are not many names capable of pulling off creating pecan honey mustard or blueberry bourbon jam. Boasting more than 80 unique gourmet condiments, dips & unique snack food, Terrapin Ridge Farms makes things effortless for home cooks. Every jar of Terrapin Ridge Farms dips, sauces, and jams is a well-thought-out shortcut - gourmet condiments by the fabled brand will save you a time of grocery shopping, combining and blending various ingredients; Terrapin Ridge Farms does it all for you!

If we have piqued your interest, we will be glad to guide you through our tempting online assortment of the brand. However, more than 60 unique jams, sauces, glazes, and dips might get you dizzy scrolling through. We thought it would only be right to devise a quick list of all the customers' favorite Terrapin Ridge Farms condiments, the great 7 of the ultimate foodie must-tries. We’re ready to dive headlong into the delicious concoctions of Terrapin Ridge Farms; jump along!

Terrapin Ridge Farms hot pepper bacon jam is an evidence of life existing beyond classic mayo & ketchup. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to another planet to give it a taste. The exquisite cheese topper jam is flavored with real bacon and is gluten-free. So, you can enjoy the tempting heat of jalapeno & red peppers without worrying about unpleasant side effects. There’s not a thing this rustic red hot pepper bacon jam can’t elevate: sunny-side-up eggs, classic grilled cheese sandwiches, or your homemade burgers. Hot pepper bacon jam from Terrapin Ridge Farms doubles as a quick dip, too - lucky us, it comes in a wide mouth jar. 
Terrapin Ridge Farms hot pepper bacon jamNow let’s hear it for unique renditions of beloved classics. Terrapin Ridge Farms raspberry honey mustard is a mesmerizing combination of yellow and brown mustard seeds and delicate raspberry juice. Now, raspberry isn’t the first flavor marriage that comes to mind when thinking about the pantry-staple mustard, but we’re more than thankful Terrapin Ridge Farms thought of the brilliant idea and didn’t shy away from executing it. The gluten-free honey mustard is best used as a pretzel dip, but we wouldn't stop experimenting if we were you. It takes trials & errors to make something great, but with raspberry honey mustard, there are no errors. It does a terrific job of adding unexpected twists to meat & poultry and goes beautifully with a cheese platter. According to Terrapin Ridge Farms, the irresistible dip is best when added to vinaigrettes, so you know what to do. 
Terrapin Ridge Farms raspberry honey mustardSpeaking of mustard, dill pickle mustard by Terrapin Ridge Farms is another unique rendition of a classic condiment worthy of pride of place in your fridge. The World Wide Mustard Competition winner boasts zingy flavors of dill pickle relish, perfect for complementing deviled eggs, potato salads, and other classic mustard pairings. We’d like to think of it as the ultimate mustard. Something that you never knew you needed - Terrapin Ridge Farms dill pickle mustard is just like that!
Terrapin Ridge Farms dill pickle mustard and pizza
Let’s move on to the Mediterranean favorite - confusing aioli. Generally, aioli refers to a staple sauce made using only a handful of ingredients - garlic, salt, eggs, and olive oil. While renditions might vary, lately, aioli has become a designated moniker for flavored mayo, causing confusion among the foodie community. And, to make matters even confusing (but in a groundbreakingly delicious way), Terrapin Ridge Farms has made truffle aioli! The unique aioli squeeze carries an ambrosial, earthy aroma of prized white truffles and has a Dijon mustard base. The specialty aioli from Terrapin Ridge Farms is a perfect topping for appetizers, such as classic French fries, pork belly bites, and even lobster rolls.
Terrapin Ridge Farms truffle aioli
We’re happy to introduce you to Terrapin Ridge Farms sriracha horseradish sauce. The squeezable garnishing sauce is the meeting point of fiery sriracha and horseradish sauce (the name is self-explanatory, we know, but still). This unique take on classic rooster sauce packs a triple punch of tangy, zesty, and, of course, spicy flavors - it’s a versatile condiment for those with a taste for uplifting heat. The “artists” at Terrapin Ridge Farms behind the marvelous horseradish sriracha recommend blending it in tuna and potato salad, coleslaw, and the moreish devilled eggs!
Terrapin Ridge Farms sriracha horseradish sauce on antipasto platter
If you’re not afraid to go even zestier, we have delicious news for you. Onion blossom horseradish dip by Terrapin Ridge Farms is the ultimate spicy dip for those with well-trained, enduring palates. Generously seasoned with paprika and parsley flakes, the pungent dip from the beloved brand will serve as the perfect accompaniment to your salsa chips, onion rings, and any other snack food of your choice. Remember that the onion blossom horseradish dip is not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re careful enough, a little bit of this delicious dip will add a lively zing to everything from party beef sliders to classic mashed potatoes!
Terrapin Ridge Farms Onion Blossom Horseradish
Last but not any means least, we want to finish off our quick little guide to must-have condiments from Terrapin Ridge Farms on sweeter notes. Raspberry Amaretto jam by Terrapin Ridge Farms is definitely not a condiment, but it sure is a secret weapon for upgrading your homemade desserts instantly. The enchantingly red raspberry concoction carries subtle flavors of vanilla and, naturally, a nutty aroma of slightly bitter Amaretto. While it won’t have a problem enhancing your breakfast waffles, Pavlova, and even Danish, we think raspberry Amaretto jam will do a terrific job of elevating your savory dishes, too - food should never be boring. And opposites happen to attract, so don’t be afraid to be bold!Terrapin Ridge Farms amaretto raspberry jam
From sumptuous cranberry relish with Grand Marnier to peach bourbon hot pepper sauce, the styles and ingredients of Terrapin Ridge Farms are truly limitless. Adding these gourmet enhancers to your culinary toolkit is the easiest way of taking any of your meals from good to mind-blowingly great with as little effort as simply drizzling Terrapin Ridge Farms goodness!

All pictures are sourced from Terrapin Ridge Farms

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