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Fruit preserves make it effortless to spread some joy around - whether it's a homemade brownie with a dollop of ice cream and drizzle of raspberry jam or a straight-from-the-jar delight to indulge in Winnie the Pooh-style. Preserves make a terrific job of putting you in the mood of carefree childhood nostalgia, safe and sound with your luscious treat in your hands. So, if you're on the hunt to relive those sweet moments, we have some great news. Yummy Bazaar's online assortment of fruit jams & preserves from around the world can quickly help you transport yourself to your favorite backyard swing with your go-to breakfast dessert in hand!

bonne maman blueberry jamSource: Bonne Maman

Let us make things even easier for you - on Yummy Bazaar; we carry a broad assortment of French jams & preserves from one of the country's favorite food manufacturers. There's a good chance you've even heard about (or even have had the luxury of tasting) it - the famous Bonne Maman! The beloved French brand is the secret ingredient for cherishing even the simplest moments. And with the wide-mouth jar, it's impossible not to indulge in Bonne Maman preserves straight out of a jar, but, hey, is there anyone who can resist?!

More About Bonne Maman!

Bonne Maman was founded in Biars-sur-Cère, the Southwest of France, a scenic little village. Prized for the luscious locally-grown fruit, the region has inspired time-honored recipes of Bonne Maman preserves, reigning as France's go-to with a homemade feel and flavor to them. The beautiful gingham red-and-white look of the Bonne Maman preserves has become an instantly recognizable symbol of quality and grandma-approved (Bonne Maman stands for grandmother in French) flavor. The signature jams are made with no artificial coloring, no high fructose corn syrup, or no preservatives. So it's really only made with ingredients that are easily found in any grandma's pantry!

More than a half-century-old French brand prides itself on the unmatched motivation of innovating while staying true to its roots. With more than 25 different flavors in its range, Bonne Maman preserves, curds, jellies & biscuits have become a mainstay across French kitchens for a good reason. And yes, you read that right - Bonne Maman has expanded its production to classic & unique French biscuits, too, including moreish Tartlets & classic coconut Croquants. We don't want to get carried away with Bonne Maman's decadent assortment because today it's the homemade style French jams from the brand we're eager to introduce you to!

bonne maman pastry with raspberry jam

Source: Bonne Maman

Top 5 Must-try Bonne Maman Preserves!

If you want to dress every second of breakfast, lunch, or dinner in profound elegance from France, Bonne Maman preserves are what you need! A unique texture of finest quality fruits melts away in your mouth and brings back flavors of joy right back - you're five all over again. Grandma-style Bonne Maman preserves rank high on the versatility test too. To give you a complete rundown on the top 5 Bonne Maman preserves, we also decided to share some light & buoyant recipes to try out. So, if you're determined to make your spring sweeter, read along; we have everything planned for you!

Remember, Bonne Maman preserves shouldn't be confused with jams (often interchangeably used to refer to fruit-based spreads, but very misleading). The Bonne Maman preserves, prettified with handwritten-style labels, are made by cooking the finest whole fruits. Yes, including skin, seeds, and all that jazz to create full-bodied flavor and moreish texture. However, jams from Bonne Maman are made with crushed fruit concoction for a smoother texture. So, sort your preferences out, and let's dive deep into the world of French jams & preserves, shall we?

We have to start with a wild strawberry preserve by Bonne Maman! The ultimate sneak-peek of spring is one of the most loved products from the French brand. And there are a couple of reasons why. There are over 100 strawberry varieties worldwide, but some of the most prized cultivars are from France - ever heard from Gariguette?! Bonne Mamman has combined the tempting strawberry varieties with wild ones to make a perfectly airy, delicate preserve for romantic breakfast-in-bed or summer party desserts. The Bonne Mamman's preserve of wild berries will go beautifully with traditional yellow butter cakes (or, for convenience, make it cupcakes). Fill up your classic sweet bites with Bonne Maman preserves, and for an eye-catching presentation, top them with meringue hats!

Bonne maman strawberry preservesSource: Bonne Maman

Purple fig preserve by Bonne Maman is another super treat from the brand. Made with delicious bittersweet purple figs, the preserve by Bonne Maman is ideal for a breakfast table, especially quick waffles, toast, or just baguette sandwiches. The rich consistency of purple fig preserves pairs excellently with homemade Newton cookies - iconic biscuits first made in 1891 by the F. A. Kennedy Steam Bakery! The legendary Newton cookies are easy to recreate at home with purple fig jam filling! You have to prepare a pastry dough, fill up your Newton cookies with the Bonne Maman preserve, bake at 325° for 10 minutes, and voila! Don't forget to rotate them!

bonne maman fig jam on a toastSource: Bonne Maman

The versatility of black cherry preserve by Bonne Maman is no joke! The finest quality ripe cherries make a luscious concoction, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. Did you know cherry jams can do so much more than uplift your homemade pastries? The Bonne Maman preserve pairs marvelously with classic French cheese - especially those with a moreish crumbly texture! It will be perfect for charcuterie boards or combined with foie gras or terrines. If you're trying to put your twist on simple charcuterie pairings, don't shy away from seasoning your black cherry jam - just add a delicate amount of pepper, cloves, or even cinnamon in a jar, blend it in, and add a spicy kick to goat cheese, feta & more.

bonne maman cherry preserve on a toastSource: Bonne Maman

If you've ever been to France, you know how famous rhubarb there is! The eye-catching spring vegetable is prized for its tart flavor, which, for many, might be slightly unpleasant. But not for sophisticated palates! Rhubarb Tart is one of the most popular desserts in Lorraine and neighboring regions. So, if you're in the mood for a culinary dare, recreate the famous French tart with rhubarb preserve by Bonne Maman. Embellish it with floral notes of lavender and a sprinkle of cardamom, and enjoy the exquisite French concoction!

And to finish in true French flair, please meet chestnut jam! Of course, the Bonne Maman assortment includes a jar chock-full of nutty goodness. Chestnut jam by Bonne Maman is definitely, not a preserve, yet a crucial part of the assortment impossible to skip over! Also known as confiture de marrons and creme de marrons, chestnut jam is a pantry staple across French households. Why? Well, it's autumn in a jar - a quick getaway from crazy spring & scorching hot summer— it's something you'd like to have in your pantry, isn't it?! However, French chestnut jam is prized for its versatility. It does a terrific job of uplifting everything from log cake and ice-cream bowl to Fromage Blanc platter, but it's also equally delectable on a quick buttered toast, slathered on in a hurry!

bonne maman chestnut and raspberry jamsSource: Bonne Maman

From winter-staple mandarin to ever-loved berries, the styles and flavors of Bonne Maman preserves are truly limitless. Adding these velvety concoctions to your culinary toolkit is a great way to take any meal, and, we mean, everything from breakfast waffles to mind-blowing dinner dessert up a notch with as much or as little effort as you please. And luckily, now you know just where to buy Bonne Maman preserves online!

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