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 French Rose Confit with Tea

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Feeling fancy? If so, I have three words for you: Rose. Petal. Confit. You might be wondering, what even is confit? It’s the French word for any food that is packed into another substance in order to preserve it. As with many fancy things like croquet or bowties, one might ask, what is the point of confit? Unlike bowties, the answer is simple when it comes to this method of cooking, which ranges from duck confit served as entrees at Michelin-starred restaurants, to jam-like spreads sold in jars at tiny stands in the French countryside. Fruit and floral confits can be categorized with jams and marmalades, but the difference is the complete immersion of fruit pieces or flower petals in sugar. If you’re in the mood for something classy but not extravagant, then Rose Petal Confit is for you.

French Rose Jam

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Of course, rose has always been a flavor of the finer things, with its distinct, refined flavor and status as a sought-after flower. It is used often in Middle Eastern and South Asian food, for desserts like baklava, gumdrops and Turkish delight. Rose water and Rose Syrup is a popular ingredient in France and India, and rose creams are small chocolate confections regularly eaten in the U.K. One popular Russian tradition is putting jam or confit in tea, and the delicate notes of Rose Confit would instantly elevate your afternoon tea.

Rose Turkish Delight

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Rose confit hits the sweet spot of both unusual and delicious, and is perfect the addition to all sorts of foods, like biscuits, cakes, ice cream, cheese plates and even meats for some high-class cuisine.

French Rose Confit

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The uses for rose confit are endless when it comes to classing up any food-related occasion. Put it in your yogurt, crepes, plan a Gatsby-style tea party and bake some rose flavored scones to go with your rose tea! So grab your mad hatter’s outfit, stick your pinky up, and get in on some French Rose Petal Confit.

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