Chocolate Bloom

Have you ever discovered that the specific food item you had been looking forward to eating all day has been taken by someone else, and now there’s none left for you? If so, then you’re familiar with the phenomenon of food-related heartbreak. However, that particular disappointment has nothing on the one we’re going to be discussing today.

Imagine if the aforementioned food item of dreams is a chocolate bar. You’ve stashed it away safely in the fridge or a cupboard - maybe you even left it in your car’s glove compartment - and after a long, stressful day, the one thing that can cheer you up is that long-awaited taste of silky smooth decadence. However, as you excitedly rip open the packaging, you’re stunned to discover that your precious chocolate has developed a weird white dusty coating. You turn it around in your hand looking confused, maybe even a tad grossed out, and you consider your options - eat it anyway cause you haven’t been waiting this long for nothing, do seemingly the most sensible thing and throw it out, or consult google before making up your mind. If you’re here, you probably picked the ladder, so let’s clear everything up - what is chocolate bloom, why does it occur, and most importantly, is bloomed chocolate safe to eat?

What is Chocolate Bloom?

Chocolate bloom is essentially a result of improper storing conditions that make the product alter its appearance. It occurs in two primary forms - sugar bloom and fat bloom. They look pretty similar, characterized mainly by white or grey specks\strokes on the surface of your chocolate, but their causes are drastically different.

Sugar bloom occurs when the chocolate comes in contact with moisture. The moisture draws sugar out from the mix, and once it evaporates, the surface remains speckled with separated sugar crystals, which gives the chocolate that white, powdery look.

On the other hand, fat bloom occurs when the chocolate has gone through drastic changes in temperature, causing it to melt and resolidify afterward. When the chocolate melts, cocoa butter separates from the rest of the mixture and accumulates on the surface. However, it doesn’t incorporate itself back into the mix once the bar resolidifies; therefore, you get a white coating of cocoa butter on top of your chocolate. The texture of your decadent treat might be softer as well, since most of its butter is now on top.

Now, you’re probably thinking that all of this is cool and dandy, but it doesn’t address your main concern - is bloomed chocolate edible? And the answer is - luckily - YES! Bloomed chocolate is perfectly safe to eat! Some people say that they can detect slight changes in the taste, so they prefer to use their chocolate bars in baking, but others claim that it tastes exactly the same, so there’s no reason to panic! Whichever camp you belong to, we’ve got a few ways to help you out!

How to Fix Chocolate Bloom?

If you don’t like the idea of using your bloomed chocolate in bakes and want to have it in its original form - without the tarnished appearance - the solution is pretty straightforward! I mean, sure, you could go through the painfully long process of retempering the chocolate, but that requires quite a bit of skill and at least a good quality kitchen thermometer. So if you plan to master tempering chocolate, best of luck to you; we’re proud and a bit envious of your dedication. However, for those of us looking for an easier way out, there’s always the simplest solution of all - melt your bloomed chocolate and remold it, or use it as a dip for strawberries!

First of all, you’ll have to construct a make-shift double boiler. Start by filling about a third of a pan with water and placing it on the stove. Once the water starts to boil, place a smaller pan or a glass bowl on top of the original one, making sure that the water isn’t touching the bottom of the bowl - the steam should be the only source of heat for the top container! Lower everything down to simmer and break your bloomed chocolate into the bowl, stirring the mix until everything has melted! And that’s pretty much it! All you need now is a mold!

Not sure what to use for molds? The options are endless! And none of them beat the silicone ice cube trays! They come in so many different shapes and sizes, not to mention a lot of us have one or two hanging around in our kitchens! So simply let your chocolate cool down a bit, and once it’s warm, instead of piping hot, pour it into your molds! The best part is, you get to create your own homemade chocolate now! Add some dried fruit, whole nuts, cherries; swirl in some nut butter, or come up with brand new combinations - who’s gonna stop you?! Once you’re confident in your creations, let them cool to room temperature, unmold your chocolates and enjoy! (But store it properly this time!)

Speaking of proper storage, let’s discuss some preventative measures, shall we?

How to Avoid Chocolate Bloom, a.k.a How to Store Chocolate Properly?

First and foremost - DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT put your chocolate in the fridge! There’s way too much moisture in there for your silky and decadent favorites to handle. And if we’ve learned anything today, it’s the harm moisture can cause when it comes to chocolate!

Storing chocolate is not as complicated as some people make it sound! Just get an airtight container, place all of your treasured chocolaty treats in it, and store it in a cool, dry place - preferably the lower shelves of your kitchen cabinets. That’s how you stop the chocolate from blooming! Nice and easy - our favorite kind! Of course, bloom can still occur if the temperature of your kitchen changes drastically in a short amount of time, but no form of storage is ever completely flawless, is it?

Does the Quality Matter When it Comes to Preventing Chocolate Bloom?

While storing your pantry staples properly is crucial for the preservation of just about any product, the quality of said product matters at least a little bit as well! The same goes for chocolate. Sure, you can do everything in your power to avoid your beloved chocolate turning white, but if it wasn’t made well with good quality ingredients to begin with, your chances of succeeding are significantly lower.  

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