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Forget Malevich; the only squares we care about are Ritter Sport chocolate

Chocolate is more than just a delicious treat - it’s one of our greatest achievements. If we ever start to lose faith in humanity, we can just remind ourselves that chocolate exists and humans are the ones who created it. Sweet, smooth, decadent, with just enough underlying bitterness - it’s a perfect combination of everything our tastebuds love the most.  

And over its century-long existence, Ritter Sport has become synonymous with high-quality German chocolate. Easily distinguishable with its square shape, colorful packaging, and diverse flavors, this brand is the epitome of chocolate at its best. What started as simply an idea of creating a bar that would easily fit into the pockets of sports jackets has now turned into a global phenomenon beloved by generations.

So, without further introduction, we give you the most iconic flavors of the legendary square bar - Ritter Sport chocolate is here to make sure you never run out of endorphins!

Do you happen to love intriguing, well-balanced, rich flavors that fit together better than you ever thought possible? In that case, Ritter sport marzipan and dark chocolate combo is just the thing for you! The bitterness of chocolate perfectly pairs with the sweet and velvety nature of the highest-quality marzipan to create an experience unlike any other. It’s one of the brand’s proudest creations and as close as humankind has ever come to utter perfection.

If you’re someone who prefers peanut M&Ms to the regular ones, on top of being absolutely right, you are also bound to enjoy Ritter Sport whole hazelnut bars. These incredible treats are a perfect mix of textures - the crunchiness of nuts is precisely what the silky smooth chocolate needs for a bit of whimsy and decadence. And if you happen to prefer almonds to hazelnuts, fear not! We also have Ritter Sport whole almond bars - perfect for all occasions!

While we’re on the topic of well-balanced textures, we have to mention Ritter Sport butter biscuit chocolate bars! It’s hardly a surprising revelation that chocolate and biscuits can get along pretty well; however, you have not experienced the power this combination holds until you’ve tried the original version. It’s even better than it sounds, believe it or not!

If you happen to be after something sweet and creamy but also incredibly delicate, Alpine milk chocolate bars are your perfect match! Want something more refreshing? With a tangier twist, maybe? Ritter Sport strawberry yogurt bars are incomparable for hotter days! And as for those of you who look for the richest, most decadent flavors of all, no option can top our chocolate nougat praline bar! Velvety and luxurious - it’s the greatest combination of all!

But if you, like us, can never decide between all of the amazing chocolate flavors (because there is no such thing as bad chocolate, especially if it’s Ritter Sport), then you’re in luck! You’ll never have to make the unbearably tough choice again! With Ritter Sport mini chocolate mix, you can have all of your favorite flavors in conveniently packaged portions and enjoy each one without any fear of missing out!

Happiness is easy with Ritter Sport Chocolate from Yummy Bazaar

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