Brioche Pasquier: The Revolution of Fresh-Baked French Breads

Brioche Pasquier Fresh French Brioche French Toast

The French sure know how to live! They have some of the best food on the planet. One of the many things they do exceptionally well is make baked goods, particularly breads. They have just the right amount of depth, texture and flavor that make even a seemingly simple thing taste out of this world. 

Brioche Pasquier is a French company known for baking some of the best brioche and pâtisserie around. It all started back in 1936 in a small village called Les Cerqueux in the West of France. It was there that the village baker, Gabriel Pasquier, baked his famous brioche, pâtisserie and bread. It was his life’s work, something that people would seek out far and wide. Once he passed away in the 1970s, his 5 sons agreed to continue his tradition of making his delightful brioche and other baked goods.

The sons then came up with something that was, for the time period, extraordinarily revolutionary. They decided to package the baked goods made from the same recipes their father had once baked and sell them to supermarkets near and far.

Brioche Pasquier Authentic Fresh French Pain Au Lait Sweet Milk Rolls

And thus, that’s how Brioche Pasquier has carried on to modern times. They carefully bake up bread, brioche and patisserie the same way Gabriel Pasquier did years ago. Thanks to Pasquier’s forward-thinking children, you’re easily able to get a taste of the delicious products they make. With packaging that keeps it fresh, you’ll feel like you’ve just gone to France and brought home a fresh-baked brioche to enjoy.

Brioche Pasquier Fresh French Brioche

The Brioche by Brioche Pasquier is soft and delightful, ideal for sandwiches at lunch or to have a sweet breakfast. You can get it in chocolate chip too! Soft and delicate, each bite of Brioche Pasquier’s brioche takes you on a trip to the streets of Paris. The texture of the bread illustrates its freshness immediately, perfectly chewy and seems to almost melt in your mouth. When trying the Chocolate Chip Brioche, you experience the same feeling, but are greeted with luscious chocolate chips in every bite. We love eating brioche as is, but using this for French toast is unbelievable. One of our favorite ways to enjoy is Chocolate Chip French Toast Fries!

Brioche Pasquier Authentic Fresh French Croissants

 You can also find other fresh-baked delights like croissants. The Croissants come in two ways: butter and chocolate. These croissants, much like the brioche, will have you transported to France. The perfect amount of flaky, buttery goodness is in each bite. Both the Butter Croissants and the Chocolate Croissants pair perfectly with coffee, espresso or cappuccino!

Brioche Pasquier Authentic French Fresh Pain au Lait Sausage & Peppers

The Pain au Lait is another classic crowd pleaser. Delicate and buttery, these Pain au Lait, sweet milk rolls, are perfect for any meal. For breakfast, slice in half with butter and French preserves for a wonderful start of your day. For lunch, top with spicy sausage and peppers. When dinner time comes around, grab a Pain au Lait and soak up the last bits of broth or sauce.

Brioche Pasquier Fresh French Brioche Pitch

A snack time favorite amongst French children, Brioche Pasquier’s line of Pitch’s are a must. It’s hard to pick which flavor is the best, since each one is incredibly delicious. If you fancy some fun, give the Chocolate Chip Pitch a try. The combination of soft brioche with a nice dose of chocolate chips is perfect. If you’re more in the fruity mood, the Strawberry Pitch will be your go to. Filled with sweet strawberry filling, this Pitch is the perfect on the go breakfast! The third and final Pitch is the Chocolate. This Pitch is made for on the go snacking and has a luscious chocolate filling, making it perfect for any choco-holic! Each Pitch is a great treat to toss in your child’s lunchbox, or for you to savor with your morning coffee.

 There are many other fantastic products by Brioche Pasquier. If you haven’t had them yet, you’re really missing out on a taste of authentic French baking without having to get your passport stamped!


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