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For perfect Japanese dinner, shop WA at Yummy Bazaar!

Going out became a time-consuming luxury: first, you have to do a little research, choose the highest-rated place near you, then you’ve got to get ready, go out, and wait for your order to prepare. We’re sure for a lot of our busy bees, it sounds like a waste of time, and, frankly, we agree too! There’s no good reason that getting a delicious, premium quality dinner should take up nearly your whole day!

At Yummy Bazaar, we try to do anything in our power to keep our customers happy, satisfied, and pleasantly surprised! This is why we’re carrying flavorful Japanese noodles & sauces from WA Imports, giving you a tasty chance to craft your palatable meals without leaving the comfort of your home!

So you’ve found yourself in our digital aisle of noodles, you’re probably very confused, wondering which one to get. Well, let’s take a look at our extra tasty noodles for you to treat yourself after a long day at work.

With us, you’ll find flavorful authentic Japanese Soba noodles, guaranteed to amaze you by the perfectly chewy texture and a superior taste. These Cha soba noodles are traditional Japanese summer delights, made from buckwheat flour (hence the name “Soba”); they are mixed with green too (“Cha”), which gives them a flavorful aroma, something everyone should try in their lifetime! Light, revitalizing, and tasty chilled Cha Soba noodles are perfect for fighting hot summer days!

You must get your hands on Japanese udon noodles, too, if you’re trying to master Asian culinary arts! At Yummy Bazaar, we carry Hokkaido style udon noodles, made from potato starch, which gives an entirely different, firmer texture than wheat flour-based noodles have. This heavy snow udon, as Japanese people call them, is easy to prepare - you can serve it hot, in the form of simple soup, or chilled, topped with shichimi or tempura. Or just keep on reading for the tastiest surprise!

But this versatile Japanese molasses syrup will take your noodles to another level! Premium quality black garlic molasses sauce is a delicacy in Japan; however, it’s an unbelievably delicious addition to any dish. Layered in taste, like a flavorful explosion, this Japanese molasses sauce goes great with any type of meat or noodles! Try for yourself, but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

From heavy snow udon to green tea noodles: at Yummy Bazaar, you’ll find everything!

Were you wondering where to find authentic Japanese noodles? Then, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! At Yummy Bazaar, we take time to craft a delicious collection of international gourmet foods & drinks, something for every palate! So, peruse our collections, select your favorite, and we will deliver your order right to your doorstep as quickly as possible. On orders over $59, we will do so free of charge! So, shop away!