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Super Supau to the rescue: Shop Taiwanese sports drinks only at Yummy Bazaar!

A few culinary delights that combine nutrition and taste with as much dexterity as Vitalon sports drinks! Established in 1981, Vitalon has been crafting unique energy drinks while keeping the original formula close to heart - that’s precisely why we are thrilled to carry the timeless flavor of an iconic Taiwanese sports drink - Vitalon Super Supau! And the origin story of this Taiwanese treat is too good to keep to ourselves, so, naturally, we are eager to share all the details with you. In 1956 Mr. Hsu Chou-Jing was holding a work meeting with his father. It turns out he couldn’t find water to swallow his vitamin tablet smoothly and decided to pair it with a soft drink. Mixing vitamin pills with a soft drink created an unusual but pleasant aroma and unique flavors that enchanted Mr. Hsu with just one sip and inspired him to craft a whole another type of beverage! That’s how the idea of Vitalon was born - thanks to a happy accident! And since then, Vitalon has been loved by everyone who had the opportunity of giving it a taste!

If you want to try this Taiwanese sports drink and see what all the fuss is about, at Yummy Bazaar, we’ve already made things easy for you! You can shop for Vitalon Super Supau drinks online, hit the order button, and we will deliver this treat to your front door as quickly as possible! Super Supau drink stands out from the dozens of popular sports drinks with its irresistible aroma and crisp flavor that instantly wakes you up! “But how?” you might be asking - well, Super Supau isotonic drink is filled with beneficial nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, and calcium, quickly recharging you with essential life-force and setting you up for the day. Now it’s no wonder how Vitalon remained the best-seller sports drinks brand in Taiwan for over 30 years, right?! Aside from being the ultimate sports-focused beverage, the Super Supau Isotonic drink is a delicious way to quench your thirst in the middle of your run or just to indulge your taste buds after your long day! So, if you’re wondering what to bring to the gym on your first day, Super Supau drink is one of the must-have treats, and they are cheat-free!

Experience life to the fullest with Vitalon Sports drink!

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