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In praise of Indian cuisine: get your hands on Swad spices!

Indian food is the perfect reflection of India’s breathtaking diversity, rich culture, and lovely atmosphere, filled with sophisticated aromas! Each region has its distinctive cuisine, crafting the nationwide culinary miracles you too can recreate with a bit of help! At Yummy Bazaar, we’re proud to introduce you to Swad Food, one of the USA’s most loved Indian food brands! And all of that love is well-deserved; once you give their delicious spices, pantry essentials, and magical ingredients a taste, you’ll know precisely why! Our shelves are stocked with premium quality Indian spices and other culinary delights that will instantly enhance your meal and fill it up with authentic flavors! Do you want to hear more? Then let’s dive deep into Swad’s aromatic world!

Swad whole cloves are tiny dried herbs filled with the most intense aroma you’ve ever tasted! The perfect addition to your savory dishes and even drinks, white cloves burst with spicy undertones that will instantly wake up your taste buds! When cooking with whole cloves, your options are pretty much limitless if you free your culinary imagination! It’s a staple ingredient in many Indian dishes, one of our favorite ones is Mughlai Biryani! But most importantly, whole cloves will take your garam masala to the next level! If you’re up for the challenge of crafting the perfect hot mix, then you will also need Swad whole green cardamom, the staple ingredient of authentic garam masala! You might know this delight by the name of Swad green elaichi, native to the Indian subcontinent - this is a one-of-a-kind signature flavor that everyone must try!

Oh, and speaking of garam masala, if you’re tight on time, we also happen to have just the thing for you: Swad garam masala spice mix! The perfect blend of everything necessary for cooking with the best hot spice mix - coriander, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, clove, cardamom, and bay leaves! We deliver your order as quickly as possible, and you beat the clock!

You must also stock up on Swad ground turmeric - quintessential for crafting irresistible flavors! This turmeric powder is a finely ground powder that will be simply the best for giving your curry that vibrant golden color! Renowned for its health benefits, Indian turmeric powder is guaranteed to recharge you with enchanting flavors AND an energy boost!

Speaking of curry, you must also check out the tropical treat of the evergreen tree - Swad cinnamon sticks, or barks, that are one of the fundamental ingredients of Indian cuisine! The earthy, sweet aroma of cinnamon barks masterfully complements curry mix and elevates chicken meat!

But that’s not all: Swad cumin seeds are the next food craze! Use it as a BBQ or roasted veggie rub, or add it to your stews and soups! The premium quality fresh cumin seeds make a world of difference when crafting the authentic Indian dish! And once you open the package, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on! The unbelievable freshness of cumin seeds will make you get right into the kitchen to work your culinary magic!

And Swad spices keep on coming! On Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on the absolute thrill - Swad extra hot red chili powder, the pure hotness of Indian Lal Mirchi! It contains no added spices, so it’s 100% of delicious hotness waiting to shock your taste buds! Add it to your lentils or chicken curry, but make sure you’re carefully building up the heat! We recommend giving Swad moong dal a try! Moong Dal is a variety of lentils, popularly known as green gram or split mung beans! It’s a staple ingredient if you’re trying to dabble in Indian cuisine! Moong dal has a vibrant yellow color and nutty flavors that will perfectly complement your stews and soups!

But If you’re out of lentils, we have the perfect substitute for you to try! Swad kidney beans are rich in protein and beneficial nutrients, AND they’re bursting with delicious aromas! Try cooking Indian Dhal, and your Sunday dinner will be filled with aromatic spices! Just pair it with rice or roti, and you’re guaranteed to have the most exciting, flavorful experience!

And we can’t forget about bread, right?! With Swad Besan chickpea flour, you can make your gluten-free dreams come true! You’re free to adapt this Indian delight to your western recipes, but if you want to appreciate authentic Indian flavors, try making gram flour flatbread, aka yummy Besan Ki Roti!

With Swad spices, your meals will pack a flavorful punch!

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If you’re trying to master Indian cuisine, you’ve come to the right place! Swad will be the perfect guide that will supply you with everything necessary to craft authentic flavors! All you’ve got to do is peruse our assortment of Swad spices, and we will deliver your order as quickly as possible! On orders over $59, shipping will be free!