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Start your day with Soreen malt loaf!

Turning 79 never looked so good; however, Soreen has always been an exception! Crafting the most delicious fruit loaves for over eight decades, Soreen has become synonymous with premium quality and immaculate taste! Famous for its squidgy loaf spread, Soreen has become something of a local phenomenon in Beswick, Manchester, designated for only the best of best (and maybe, at that time, that included George Best too)! So, if you’re ready to give this legendary delight a taste, get your Brit on - put your kettle on, and prepare the butter knife!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on the original sensation - Soreen malt loaf! It’s the perfect addition to plant-based diets and incredibly moreish to snack on its own! Soreen malt loaves are still made from John Sorensen’s top-secret recipe from decades ago, so there is no way to replicate this tastiness at home! With an initial look, Soreen original malt loaf might look like an ordinary breakfast treat, but that’s not all it’s capable of. You can substitute your regular, everyday toasts with this delight and embellish it with your favorite spreads, or you can just bake it! Yeah, you heard that right - you can bake the most delicious chocolate flapjack from Soreen original malt loaf! Just cut this flavorsome loaf into small pieces and dip them into the chocolate mixture! Bake for twenty minutes, and prepare your taste buds for what they love the most - ultimate crunch!

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