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Make the popular Japanese street food classic Okonomiyaki at home! Shop Ski Okonomiyaki pancake flour online!

Are you a Japanese street food fanatic or someone who wishes to try them but simply cannot get their hands on them? Well, lucky for you, we at Yummy Bazaar have prepared a selection of Ski Japanese flour to help you craft your very own homemade Japanese food that tastes almost as good as the original local ones. So if you’re a Japanese food lover or you’re looking to experiment a little, keep on reading and find the perfect flour for one of the most beloved street foods from Osaka, Japan!

A savory version of Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki, is not just some ordinary pancake, it’s totally one of a kind. If you’re unfamiliar with this dish, it’s kind of like a Japanese version of frittata, only slightly thinner. Japanese tempura can be very tricky to get right. In fact, when it comes to Okonomiyaki pancakes, having that perfect flour formula is probably the main deciding factor to how authentic it is. The rest of the ingredients are pretty simple to get right: eggs, cabbage, mayonnaise, dried seaweed, dried bonito flakes, and a condiment of your choice, preferably okonomiyaki sauce. What Ski Okonomiyaki pancake flour does the best is that it provides that special thick and fluffy texture that’s satisfying to take a bite from, and it’s exquisitely salty! Ski Japanese tempura flour is the only ingredient you will need to make the most delicious Okonomiyaki pancakes. It rises with no need for additional components, so get one and start making your favorite sour Japanese pancakes at home!

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