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Salchichon, Spanish Dry-Cured, and Smoked Sausage

Salchichon is a Spanish variety of dry-cured and smoked summer sausage. It’s traditionally made with a mix of coarsely chopped fatty and lean cuts of pork, the correct ratio a requirement to achieve its signature smooth and slightly creamy texture.

Salchichon is heavily spiced, with the spice blend unique to each producer but always involving some kind of pepper. Despite the use of pepper, Salchichon isn’t spicy (though it does have a bit of a bite), but rather pepper adds to the deepness of the smoky, earthy flavor.

The spices play a prominent role in determining the sausage’s flavor profile, but overall, Salchichon is supposed to be robust and complex, balancing slightly spicy, savory, and sweet notes.

Popular spice options include black and white pepper, rosemary, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, garlic, and rosemary, with regional varieties adding their unique touches. Salchichon de Aragon, for example, includes marjoram, while Salchichon Cular is flavored with Basque spices.

Buy Gourmet Spanish Salchichon Online

Yummy Bazaar hosts an assortment of gourmet-quality Salchichon imported from Spain and produced by some of the most well-known manufacturers. You’ll find both classic dry-cured Salchichon made with meat from White Spanish Pig and Salchichon Iberico made with meat from Iberian Pig, rightfully considered a delicacy for its robust and complex flavor. In our selection, you’ll find both the whole sausage to be sliced according to your preference and classic thinly sliced Salchichon, to be enjoyed either by itself as a cold appetizer or added to sandwiches and paninis. All you need to do is spare a few moments to stock the cart with the chosen product, and Yummy Bazaar will take care of the rest for you.