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Discover everything from Puy lentils to French snail shells with Sabarot

Established in 1819, Sabarot is a French brand that has managed to remain a family-owned business and simultaneously grow to become one of the biggest suppliers of grains and legumes in the continent. Their attention to quality, traditional know-how, and strife for progress are what make them truly special and successful. What started with Jean-Pierre Sabarot buying a mill in Hoite-Loire, soon turned into a nationwide phenomenon and lead to the brand becoming one of the absolute staples for every pantry in France.

From legumes to grains, dried French mushrooms, and even escargot - there is something for everyone in our carefully curated selection offering you the best of Sabarot.

Are you up for a bit of cooking? A well-balanced meal sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Adding a bit of Sabarot white quinoa is an excellent way of making sure your veggies and protein don’t get lonely! These delicious and satiating pearls of nature are some of the most versatile grains and can be used to make just about anything - from soups to salads and even vegetarian meatballs!

Speaking of vegetarian! Do you happen to know what one of the most popular ingredients for vegetarian burgers is? It’s lentils! Their texture and protein content makes them a perfect option! And with Sabarot Puy lentils, you will be well equipped for most culinary emergencies! From classic soups to garnishes for your entrees and salads with perfectly roasted vegetables - these beauties go with everything! You could also get another protein-packed option - French haricot beans! Perfect for burrito bowls, tacos, stir-fries, and everything in-between! And as for some throwback flavors - get your hands on a package or two of Sabarot French split peas and make the most nostalgic split pea soup, just like nana used to!

Hint: Grab a box of Sabarot French couscous to make the most colorful and refreshing mixed-veggie tagine! Quick, easy, and absolutely scrumptious!

Or are you up for something more endearing? Do culinary experiments excite you? In that case, we have more than enough options of French dried mushrooms for you to choose from! Whether you go for Sabarot’s dried porcini cepes, dried chanterelles, black trumpet mushrooms, or even dried fairy ring mushrooms, you’re bound to discover some new and exciting flavors! You could even cook them with some of the Sabarot snails - tried and tested aromas that will never let you down!

Only the best of French grains and legumes from Sabarot at Yummy Bazaar

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