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Shop Orly’s: Gluten & Worry-free

You’ve probably already heard of the new gluten-free diet craze somewhere on the internet. But it’s not a diet in its traditional sense. A gluten-free menu is the only possible way to relieve some symptoms of celiac disease. People with celiac disease have an immune reaction to eating protein gluten, found in grains like barley, couscous, rye, wheat, and many more. This autoimmune disorder forces people with celiac disease to give up on beloved foods like white or any kind of rye bread, the most baked goods made with wheat flour, wheat-based pasta, and many more tasty snacks that most of us enjoy with no problem!

At Yummy Bazaar, we are motivated to give every and each one of our customers an irreplaceable delicious experience no matter what! This is why we are proud to announce that with us, you can shop the American gluten-free brand Blends by Orly, which specially caters to people with a gluten allergy! Orly was motivated to develop gluten-free baking products for his husband, struggling with celiac disease, and we are thrilled that she accomplished her mission! Orly’s produces gluten-free baking products that don’t compromise texture, taste, and quality! So, everything made by Orly is just as good as gluten-based products!

If you’re trying to exclude gluten from your diet, but you happen to have a sweet tooth, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Once you give Orly's cookie mix a taste, you won’t have to say goodbye to sweet, delicious snacks anymore. With us, you can shop for yummy Orly's chocolate chip cookie mix, which is certified gluten-free, corn-free, nut-free, AND soy-free! So you can enjoy vegan chocolate chip cookies without a worry in the world! Plus, Orly's gluten-free cookie mix is so easy to prepare, it will only take you a couple of minutes!

You can also enjoy utterly delicious, unbelievably soft, slightly sweet Orly's gluten-free challah mix with yummy chocolate chips! Challah is traditional Jewish egg bread, with just a hint of sweetness, resembling French brioche in its fluffiness. But this 20-ounce pouch of gluten-free challah mix will be perfect for other yummy pastries like cinnamon rolls, danishes, or sweet pretzels! If you prefer your challah the traditional way, we also happen to have Orly's gluten-free traditional challah mix for you to host the perfect Shabbat dinner, just the way you like it!

Now back to desserts, we can’t forget about classics. Let’s start with breakfast, because who doesn’t like warm pancakes with chocolate drizzle on top paired with a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Orly's pancake and waffle mix will be your new healthy addition to breakfast. With yummy Orly's gluten-free pancake mix, you should also get something special for dinner - Orly's gluten-free, moist cake & muffin mix will be the tastiest way to end your long day on a sweet note! If you don’t have anything particular in your mind just yet, get Orly's grainless gluten-free Manhattan blend flour that is made especially for pastries: bagels, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, danishes, and more! It’s also vegan-friendly, so you can even invite your vegan friends to catch up over for a delicious dinner!

For other baked goods, try Orly's gluten-free superfood flour, and it’s guaranteed to exceed your expectations! Perfect to replace regular wheat flour, Orly’s superfood flour is ideal for cakes, brownies, and many more of your favorite foods! But if you want to make gluten-free bread or pizza, you should get Orly's gluten-free bread flour Tuscany blend, made especially for pizza, Italian or French bread, breadsticks, burger buns, and many more.

Shop Gluten-Free at Yummy Bazaar!

So if you’re wondering where to get yummy gluten-free products to replace gluten-based products and let your gut heal, you came to the right place. At Yummy Bazaar, you can find a meticulously crafted collection of dozens of Orly’s different products. Shop now and get your order delivered right to your door! Don’t forget, on orders over +59$; we will do that for free! So, Shop away and take care of yourself!