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Shop gluten-free Japanese glass noodles to add excitement to your daily menu!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can shop a perennial Asian staple online: Japanese saifun, aka cellophane noodles, are ready to surprise your taste buds pleasantly! These delights are translucent in color; however, they reign supreme when it comes to crafting the most flavorful experience, ready to excite your taste buds with uncommonly lush undertones! What we love the most about these mung bean delights is their incredible ability to soak up sauces thoroughly. So, glass noodles are the perfect blank canvas for customizing your flavorsome masterpieces! Simply browse our delicious assortment of Malony noodles, and get your hands on your new comfort food as soon as possible!

On our digital shelves, you can get your hands on the ultimate delight - silky Malony glass noodles, exquisite culinary masterpiece coming to your kitchen straight from Japan! These paper-thin stone-ground mung bean noodles are extremely easy and quick to prepare, so if you’re looking for the perfect late-night dinner options, Malony Harusame Saifun is your go-to! For superior flavorful explosion, cook these Japanese glass noodles till they are perfectly soft, and get your sauces ready! Malony gluten-free glass noodles are just perfect for Shabu-shabu or Sukiyaki; however, feel free to improvise and free-style them! Add them to your go-to stir-fry recipes or even vegetable soups! With glass noodles, you can’t go wrong as long as you know your seasonings!

Japanese vermicelli noodles delivered straight to your door? That sounds like YUM!

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Peruse our extensive assortment of gourmet grocery items and pick your new favorites! Hit the order button, and we will take your culinary experience to the next level! Your order will be delivered right to your front door as quickly as possible, so get to planning your next Sunday dinner with Yummy Bazaar! Oh, and we almost forgot: on orders over $59, shipping will be free! So, get your hands on your new culinary obsessions online!