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Welcome, you’ve arrived at Yummy Bazaar’s online grocery store, to be exact, you’re gracing our digital Japanese food aisle. We guess you’ve arrived here looking for your favorite flavors from home. There’s a good chance you’re just determined to try out some new things to stock up your snack drawer with unique flavors. In any case, we’ve gathered a yummy online selection of Japanese mochi!

If you’re not already familiar with Japanese mochi cake, let us quickly brief you before you go shopping online. Mochi is a rice cake made from glutinous specialty rice, and it has a chewy, soft texture. The unique snack food comes in various flavors and varieties, including daifuku, kirimochi, and more, which you can find on Yummy Bazaar.

In our online assortment of Japanese mochi, you will find various flavors of daifuku, a traditional rendition of mochi. It has a chewy outer layer of rice but has a melty, generally sweet filling inside. We made sure to offer you a luxury of choice so that you can pick from matcha daifuku to chocolate renditions! If you’re after more versatile flavors to customize to your palate, check out our selection of sesame, chestnut, and red bean daifuku mochi from Kubota. Along with daifuku, on Yummy Bazaar, you can buy kirimochi online. It’s pre-cut plain mochi, prepared by the grill, microwave, or simply boiling. Once it gets puffy, you can elevate it with a drizzle of soy sauce and a bit of nori!

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At Yummy Bazaar, we’re dedicated to curating one of the most extensive online assortment of fine & fun food from around the world. And, when we say the world, we mean anywhere from Japan to Italy (and more). We made sure that, with us, you can effortlessly shop your “childhood favorite” flavors, along with new and exciting foods you’ve been dying to try. That, of course, includes beloved Japanese mochi. Whether it’s daifuku you’re looking to buy online or kirimochi, our Japanese grocery store can help! Pick your favorites, and let us deliver them to your door.