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Showing 97 - 132 of 132 products

Showing 97 - 132 of 132 products
Butter Cookies by Marabissi, 7.1 oz (200 g)
Almond Cantucci by Marabissi, 5.3 oz (150 g)
Balocco Amaretti Biscuits, 7.05 oz (200 g)
Balocco Hazelnut Wafer Bars, 6.17 oz (175 g)
Balocco Milk & Vanilla Wafer Bars, 6.17 oz (175 g)
Balocco Bastoncini Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Zuppole Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Cocoa Wafer Cubes, 8.82 oz (250 g)
Balocco Pastefrolle Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Hazelnut Wafer Cubes, 8.82 oz (250 g)
Balocco Ciambelle Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Milk & Vanilla Wafer Cubes, 8.82 oz (250 g)
Balocco Mondine Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Cocoa Wafer Bars, 6.17 oz (175 g)
Balocco Girandole Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Savoiardi Lady Fingers, 17 oz (500 g)
Balocco Novellini Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balocco Savoiardi Lady Fingers, 7.05 oz (200 g)
Doria Whole Wheat Shortbread Biscuits, 12.3 oz (350 g)
Balconi Lemon Wafer Cubes, 8.8 oz (250 g)

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Explore Italy’s Favourite Cookies

If there is a universal treat that most people can enjoy in one form or another, it's the cookie. And you know where you can find awesome cookies? Italy, that's where! Which means if you're currently living in the United States, especially outside of major metros with European import stores, you might not be able to find all the Italian cookie brands you want. Oh, of course cookies from other countries are awesome, but there's something about Italian cookies, those delicate, filled wafers; crunchy biscotti; and just about any other type of cookie you can think of. Yummy Bazaar has a very good selection that likely has the cookies you have been craving.

We have to talk about wafer cookies. They melt in your mouth and are so exquisitely crunchy and chewy at the same time with their delicately flavored cream layers. Loacker is a major brand, and while you can find flavors like vanilla and chocolate relatively easily, we offer additional flavors like lemon ice cream, milk, raspberry yogurt, blueberry yogurt, orange, cappuccino, and more. Bags of Lago Party wafers are also in our store in flavors like strawberry, hazelnut, coconut, and several more. No matter the flavor you want, Lago and Loacker likely make wafers with it.

But maybe you want something a little more substantial. Something that you need to dunk in coffee or tea and that you really have to chew. Biscotti is the obvious choice, and if you are looking for Italian almond cookies, look no further. We have brands like Sapori, Pan Ducale, Dolciaria Monardo, and more. Try Sapori Cantuccini Almond Biscotti, Chiostro di Saronno Cantuccini Almond Biscotti, or Dolciaria Monardo Honey and Almond Biscotti. Do you want to share some biscotti with your young children but don't want to subject them to the hardness of regular biscotti? We have Plasmon Biscotto dei Bambini, which is suitable for children older than 6 months. These cookies soften easily but don't disintegrate when picked up, which makes them perfect for a snack for young children.

Almond isn't the only biscotti flavor available. Try Chiostro di Saronno Cantuccini lemon-flavored biscotti, or hazelnut and chocolate from Pan Ducale. There are even versions with fruit and oats, and moscatello wine. We aim to carry those cookies that you just can't find outside an actual Italian market in Italy.

Wafers and biscotti may be very popular, but they aren't the only types of Italian cookies available. Amaretti, pizzelle, briotti, gran cereale, sfogliatine, campagnole -- the list is extensive, and our selection is, too. Le Veneziane offers gluten-free cookies, and Misura has no sugar added versions if you want something less sweet. Many of the Italian cookie brands that we carry are kosher and halal, too.

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