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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Balconi Trancetto Apricot Snack Cakes 9.9 oz. (280g)
Balconi Tiramisu Cake 14.1 oz. (400g)
Balconi Lemon Wafer Cubes, 8.8 oz (250 g)
Balconi Trancetto Cocoa Snack Cakes, 9.9 oz (280g)
Balconi Snack Al Latte Cakes, 9.9 oz (280 g)
Strawberry Wafer Cubes by Balconi, 8.8 oz (250 g)

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Live the Sweet Life You Deserve with Balconi Cakes!

Indulging yourself in the heavenly experience of tasting a perfectly sweet and mesmerizingly fluffy cake is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Even just a single bite of that perfect piece of cake can bring inimitable sensations to your taste buds. Why miss out on this absolutely head-spinning experience and wait for a special occasion to enjoy your favorite dessert? Why not just live the sweet life that you deserve? We don’t see any reason not to, especially with our selection of the most delicious Balconi Italian cakes!

Balconi cakes are not just some ordinary cakes. They are incredibly delicious, naturally flavorful non-GMO cakes with no artificial colorings or preservatives. Established in 1953, this artisanal Italian pastry brand offers a rigorous selection of exquisite desserts. With decades of experience, Balconi proves to be one of the most beloved Italian pastry brands, so whether you are looking to find your new favorite snack or travel back to your Italian childhood, Balconi has got you covered!

What’s the best way to treat yourself and enjoy a delicious quick dessert anytime, anywhere? Balconi Mix Max is the answer. The cake dessert for those who love a wonderfully soft sponge cake combined with a creamy chocolate filling, entirely coated with a layer of chocolate on top. Sounds very appetizing, right? Or maybe you’d like something more delicate and milky? Balconi Mix Milk is definitely worth a try! Balconi creates unparalleled sensations even from a single bite, and you know what that means! Balconi Mix Max is that perfect cake.

Of course, if you’re a massive chocoholic, you would like something with a lot more chocolate, and for you, we recommend a triple choco satisfaction with Balconi Choco Dessert - a treat that you won’t ever get enough of! Perfectly moist, with a silky smooth texture, and most importantly, utterly chocolatey!

For a more balanced but still very sweet, moist, and fluffy dessert, Balconi tiramisu makes for an amazingly soft and airy Italian snack! With its perfectly moist biscuits and velvety mascarpone cream filling, Balconi manages to bring a beautiful combination of delicious Italian tiramisu aromas along with their characteristic harmonious textures.

If vanilla is more your thing, Balconi Trancetto Cocoa will absolutely satisfy your taste buds! A generous spread of chocolate cream sandwiched between two soft and ideally moist vanilla biscuits, all topped with cocoa powder, results in an indulgent experience that perfectly accompanies a cup of hot cocoa or a latte!

Love strawberries? No problem! Balconi has made sure to craft the most delicious Italian strawberry cream Trancetto with a strawberry and yogurt cream filling that everyone loves! Love apricots? Say no more! Balconi Apricot Trancetto with an apricot jam filling paired with soft biscuits creates an impeccably airy Italian dessert with your favorite fruit flavor, perfect for every meal!

Looking for a companion for your favorite cup of coffee or tea? Balconi Rollino will instantly satisfy that craving with its silky smooth, milky cream filling, all wrapped in a soft cocoa-coated sponge cake. A perfect breakfast cake? You might ask, and we’d say Balconi Snack Al Latte definitely takes the crown for being the ultimate airy breakfast dessert. A rich vanilla cream filling mixed with milk cream creates an amazing texture of latte accompanied by very soft biscuits, resulting in a full sensory experience that not even the best of homemade cakes can replicate!  

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