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Kabayaki style broiled saury is the real treat on any table!

If you want to give Japanese cuisine a try, then Yummy Bazaar is the place to start your journey from! We curate the most extensive collection of Asian culinary delights at the most affordable prices! So, if you’re ready to browse through our digital aisles, you get your skates on because there are a lot of, and we mean, ENDLESS culinary masterpieces waiting to conquer your tables! Here, we are going to introduce you to one of our favorites - Japanese broiled saury kabayaki-style!

Coming to your kitchen straight from Japan, ICC Kabayaki saury will take you by surprise! Kabayaki is the traditional Japanese method of preparing fish. Gutted pacific saury is butterflied, cut into small squares, and steeped in sweet-savory soy sauce. After marinating the fish, it’s cooked on the grill and packaged in this pretty ICC tin! Japanese broiled Kabayaki is the ultimate add-in to your salads, rice porridge, or the simplest of toasts, too! If you’re feeling like cooking up something exquisite, we recommend serving this Kabayaki style broiled fish with a bowl of rice with eggplant slices on top! Trust us; even the pickiest eaters will be asking for the recipe. However, if you’re tight on time, open the lid of this delight, and much on ICC broiled saury on its own! Order ICC Kabayaki saury tin and stock up your pantry with the most delicious last-minute dinner options!

Japanese delicacies delivered to your front door: Shop ICC saury online!

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