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Bold & British - HP original sauce is on Yummy Bazaar!

Pretty sure all of the ex-pats are singing from joy after reading the title - the original brown sauce has been an unparalleled flavor in all English households since 1899. However, to the uninitiated, it might be a little bit confusing what we are going on about, but don’t worry - you’re about to meet the love of your condiments. Mayo, mustard, and even BBQ sauce, you can forget them all - trust us, it will feel like you’ve never even heard any of these names once you give HP squeezy sauce a taste! So, if you’re ready to give your condiment shelf a new life and try this iconic sauce, Yummy Bazaar has got you covered! If you look closely at our digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on HP sauces at the most affordable prices!

HP original sauce is where it all started! Bursting with a delicious aroma and delicately tangy flavors, this condiment will have no trouble heightening your taste buds with marvelous complexity, and it only takes just a drizzle out of the squeezable bottle to do so. The malty undertones are what makes HP what it is - a marvelous concoction of flavorful festivals. We’re practically speechless; it’s impossible to describe the magic - the unmatched character of HP original sauce is something to be enjoyed slowly to fully understand the science of deliciousness behind it. Draw tasty zig-zags over your hotdogs, quick breakfast sandwiches, or leftover rice - HP brown sauce will hit the spot every time. You can even take on your biggest culinary challenges with HP, don’t be afraid to experiment a little; with original brown sauce, everything is bound to turn out more lavish than usual!

On Yummy Bazaar’s shelves, you will be able to find HP fruity and tangy sauce, too! This traditional English condiment is the epitome of British flair - carrying that mouthwateringly tangy and sweet flavors, it still manages to keep a harmonious balance of juxtaposing tastes. So, don’t worry about overpowering your taste buds with this moreish delight; quite the opposite, its silky texture and rich feel might get you hooked! So, give House of Parliament sauces a try, and once you fall in love, make sure your fridge is always full of these English delights, never to go a day without exquisite tastes of brown sauce!

Get your taste buds in gear for HP sauces’ lusciousness!

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