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Bonomi Italian Cookies Amaretti, 7 oz (200 g)

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Don’t let your glass of milk get lonely - buy gluten free cookies online!

People often talk about the importance of the first sip of coffee in the morning or how the day doesn’t start until they’ve finished their cuppa. And while we wholeheartedly agree with the importance of caffeine to the painful process of waking up, we can’t help but notice how often the equally irreplaceable afternoon cup of coffee gets overlooked. It’s highly unlikely that we are the only ones who start to crush somewhere around the afternoon and need a caffeine boost to survive the day, right? And how could anyone overlook the afternoon coffee when it can so effortlessly be accompanied by a whole array of sweet treats? FYI, when we say treats, more often than not, we mean cookies. And if you think that you’re exempt from this conversation simply because gluten is not your best friend, you better settle in and dive headfirst into our selection of the most decadent gluten-free cookies perfect for your afternoon pick-me-up!

Now, the main question is, are you more of a classics fan, or do you tend to look for new experiences? Either way, we’ve got something you will love! For those of you who prefer nostalgic, tried and tested flavors, La Veneziane’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are a match made in heaven! Dipped in milk, dunked in tea, paired with coffee, or crushed on top of some ice cream - they work in every form! You could also opt for their gluten-free Munaretti biscuits for simple, yet defined flavors and enjoy them on their own, or pair them with nut butter of your choice for an elevated combo! And if you happen to love rich and decadent tastes, Mulino Bianco gluten-free cookies with honey are guaranteed to become a new favorite!

However, if you’re looking for some brand new aromas to pair with your ritualistic coffee order, you won’t find a more enticing option than the inimitable gluten-free amaretti! These almond-based delights are naturally sans gluten and have slightly nuttier, bitter undertones running through every bite. The bitterness of almonds is precisely what makes them so irresistible! You could go for the crispy variation that’s tailor-made for dunking, or for Chiostro di Saronno gluten-free soft amaretti that will melt in your mouth! For more explosive flavors, you could opt for their gluten-free lemon and pistachio amaretti cookies, but don’t blame us when you find it impossible to stop until all of them are gone!

As for those of you who prefer to accompany their afternoon cuppa with some decadent, filled cookies, we’ve got quite a few enticing options as well! Matilde Vicenzi gluten-free double chocolate cookies are a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth! You take a single bite, and before the buttery chocolate shell has even had the time to melt on your tongue, the most luxurious filling overtakes your senses! When we say that eating these cookies is a therapeutic experience, we mean every word! You could also opt for their Grisbi gluten-free lemon cream cookies for an equally astonishing experience that leans on a tangier side, or get their gluten-free ladyfingers for decadent desserts of your own creation! Make sure not to miss out on our gluten-free coconut biscuits for a tropical twist, and enjoy your mid-day coffee in the most exciting way possible - with more variety of cookies than one could ever imagine!

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