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Herring, Mackerel, Kieler Sprats, and More: Authentic German Seafood

Yummy Bazaar keeps a carefully curated assortment of authentic German seafood stocked with premium products from some of the biggest manufacturers in the country. Whether Germany’s favorite herring, mackerel, signature Kieler sprats, or more conventional salmon (but with a signature German twist), any seafood lover is bound to find something of interest in our German seafood online collection.

Want to experience authentic German flavors? Check out the vast variety of German herring fillets in different sauces, from classic tomato to more signature German egg and mustard or dill and herb sauce.

Or look around the wide assortment of smoked seafood for Germany’s favorite classic Räucherfisch. From smoked German herring and smoked German mackerel, widely underrated outside the country and deserving of more attention from gourmands everywhere, to more well-known Kieler sprats, no seafood lover is going to walk away disappointed.

Yummy Bazaar’s German seafood collection is the easiest and quickest way to stock the fridge with authentic premium-quality products. All it takes is a few minutes to choose your favorites, and we’ll do the rest!

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Yummy Bazaar is on the mission to make premium quality products accessible to everyone interested! We host one of the best German seafood assortments online, making it a quick affair to shop for either old favorites or new items. All you need to do is make a few clicks, and we’ll deliver what you were looking for right to your doorstep. Stocking your fridge with authentic premium-quality seafood imported straight from Germany has never been so easy!