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Jacobs, 8.8 oz, Kronung Ground Coffee, (250 g)
Jacobs, 17.6 oz, Kronung Ground Coffee, (500 g)

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Un-BEER-ably good: shop the best German non-alcoholic drinks online!

When talking about Germany, the first thing that comes to nearly everyone’s mind is beer. Of course, that’s not a surprise since Germany hosts the largest annual beer festival in the world, with millions of people attending from all over the globe. That’s why many people think that Germans only drink deadly strong, dark beer, which will make you blackout with a couple of sips if you’re a newbie! But that’s where you’re wrong. At Yummy Bazaar, you can find the tastiest, traditional German drinks that are alcohol-free! WOW!

So, if you’re a non-drinker wanting to try the signature taste of Germany and maybe throw your own Oktoberfest-themed party, you can find all the essentials - from extra hot German mustard to traditional German spaetzle - noodle-pasta hybrid - at Yummy Bazaar. But, for now, we want you to take a look at our finest collection of German non-alcoholic drinks.

Gerstel Classic Non-Alcoholic Malt beer will be an excellent gift for non-drinker friends of yours! Crystal clear gold Gerstel classic is the first-ever non-alcoholic German beer that tastes exactly the same as the normal one. It sits with the creamy, bubbly white foam topping in your glass and tastes just a little bit sour, with a slight hint of aromatic sweetness in the back. It feels light to your taste buds with delicately satisfying carbonation. We recommend getting one or two for yourself too!

Now for a sweeter delight: Karamalz non-alcoholic malt beverage is our customers’ absolute favorite. And we get why. Karamalz has been Germany’s beloved non-alcoholic drink for many years now. Caramel combined with malt bitterness yields a unique taste that you’ll never forget. More importantly, it’s filled with beneficial minerals and vitamins too! It’s a luxurious way to fight the hot days of summer.

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Here, at Yummy Bazaar, we strive to become your primary online destination when it comes to getting the most diverse tastes and aromas from all around the world delivered as soon as possible!

So, if you’re wondering where to buy authentic German Karamalz, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve carefully curated a delicious collection of original German non-alcoholic drinks for you and your friends to enjoy! So, browse around, and we will deliver your order right to your doorstep! And cheers to free shipping on orders over $59!