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From cakes to cocktails - French syrup can help!

Syrups are easily some of the most versatile products within the culinary world. From your bakes to your cocktails - they’re right there to give everything an instant flavor boost. Concentrated, aromatic, varying from sweet to tangy and everything in-between - they really are home cooks ultimate helpers! So go through this carefully curated selection of French syrup and find your new favorites!

Got any big birthdays coming up - cakes to bake and some refreshing drinks to make? Or are you simply up for some weekend baking? Well, either way, we bet you’d heavily benefit from some aromatic premium French fig or maybe even a bit of French lemon syrup! From walnut cakes to citrusy delights - every flavor will be improved by a bit of love from beyond the ocean! Oh, here’s an idea - how about going all out and making the most light and fluffy madeleines? With our French orange flower syrup, nothing is impossible!

Yup, anything’s possible - even using syrups in savory dishes! Who knew?! If you are quite an improvisational magician, give our rose water or anise licorice syrup a go and mix them with your meals to either give them more of a well-rounded taste or bring out the flavors that are already in it!

Do you enjoy hosting and making delicious drinks that everyone loves so much that they ask you to make them over and over again? Well, with perfect syrups to complement your beverages, you’ll easily become everyone’s favorite mixologist! Make the most refreshing sangrias and ice teas with our peach syrups or French grenadine syrups. Surprise everyone with some mojitos using our mojito syrup or, if you enjoy building up flavors yourself, go for our stunning mint and lime syrups and experiment as much as you want! You could also get some of the most refreshing mango and strawberry syrups to put a fun twist on daiquiris, or get our orange syrup and give the old-fashioned some long-awaited makeover!

Although, you can enjoy our flavors even during colder months when all we crave is something comforting. Plan a movie night, make some hot chocolates, and drizzle them with the most decadent French caramel syrup.

As for those groggy early mornings when the entire world seems to be drained from excitement, try adding some of our French vanilla syrup to your coffee, and we promise everything will start to seem a lot better!

Pro tip: Combine the premium French vanilla coffee syrup with the hazelnut syrup and enjoy the best cuppa joe you’ve ever had in your life (we’re not exaggerating in the slightest)!

Syrups are fun to experiment with, exciting to taste, and pretty to look at! What more could we want from our food? So dive into this selection and discover all the ways you can mix up your daily flavor profiles!

From French vanilla to elderflower - a flavor for every occasion at Yummy Bazaar

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