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French syrup for every occasion with Teisseire

Despite the fact that most of us only see colorful rows of syrup bottles at the bar as we anxiously await our cocktails, they can actually be quite versatile. From baking to cooking and hot or cold beverages - there is no end to all the ways syrup can be utilized by a creative mind! So, in order to help you spread the wings of your imagination, we have created this selection of authentic, premier quality French syrup by Teisseire. Browse through, discover your favorites, and complete the look of your home bar as well as your pantry!

Sauces in your savory meals? Why not?! With a bit of Teisseire elderflower sauce, you can add a whole new dimension of flavors to your dressings and marinades. And as for nuttier tastes - you could opt for either almond or pistachio syrup to elevate your dishes! Be careful, though, remember - with these aromatic delights, a little bit goes a long way!

Perhaps you would like to follow all of those flavors up with some dessert? From cakes and cupcakes to muffins and pies - everything could benefit from a bit of a boost! Make a tangy drizzle for your lemon pound cake with our lemon syrup, or make fluffy and airy madeleines with a bit of orange syrup! Delicious either way! Maybe you’d like to explore what baking’s like over in the UK? Well, our caramel syrup is a perfect addition to classic English sticky toffee pudding! Or you could always simply drizzle it on top of some ice cream to end the day on a high note!

When it comes to syrups and drinks, they don’t always have to be alcoholic and icy either! Do you need your morning coffee to start functioning as a human being? Because we definitely do! Add a bit of our hazelnut syrup to turn an ordinary cuppa joe into the most uplifting experience that is sure to become a part of your daily routine! Or combine a bit with your next hot chocolate venture - if you add some of Teisseire vanilla syrup as well, we are absolutely not responsible for the highly addictive concoction you’ll end up with!

And well, if you do decide to make some cocktails of your own, we’ve got more than enough options for you to choose from! Want some refreshing berry sangria on a hot day? Our raspberry syrup or French grenadine syrup can help! Maybe some mojitos? We are not trying to brag, but you can find a mojito mix as well as French lime and mint syrup here! And as for bold, tangy, flirtatious flavors, go with our mango, blackcurrant, lychee, or passion fruit syrup and create combinations you have always dreamt of!

Syrup can be incredibly versatile, as long as you are not afraid to use it boldly and experiment! So peruse our collection and discover brand new ways to bring in some French flair to your culinary world!

Boost every flavor with Teisseire syrup from Yummy Bazaar

Discover a brand new world of flavors and sensations with Yummy Bazaar. Our carefully curated selections offer you the best finds from all around the world. Whether it’s tried and tested familiar tastes you’re after or something completely unusual and intriguing - you’re bound to find it right here!

So browse through our collections and boldly pick out all of your favorites! Our customer service will assist you at a moment’s notice, and we’ll make sure everything you choose gets delivered straight to your door as quickly as possible. On orders over $59, we’ll even do so for free!