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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
Rieme Sparkling Pink Lemonade, 11 fl oz (330 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Lemon Lemonade, 11.2 fl oz (330 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Lime Lemonade 25.4 fl oz (1000 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Lemon Lemonade, 25.4 fl oz (750 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Lime Lemonade, 11 fl oz (330 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, 11 fl oz (330 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Orange Lemonade, 11 fl oz (330 ml)
Rieme Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade, 11 fl oz (330 ml)

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Spark up your life with French flare

With summer coming up, we all tend to get excited about vacations, traveling around the world, not being burdened by heavy layers of clothing, and enjoying the sun as much as possible. But somehow, none of us focus on how unbearable summer heat can be at times. Thankfully, there are always cold beverages to keep us hydrated and cool us down. And with our curated selection of the most delicious French sodas, your only remaining struggle will be deciding between all the flavors.

When it’s too early for champagne, give French soda a try…

When it comes to fizzy drinks and France, naturally, champagne is the first thing that comes to mind. However, sometimes it can be simply too early, too hot, or too much of a workday tomorrow for alcohol. For those times, the French have created fruity sodas that are just as tasty and feel just as festive as champagne.

So pop open a bottle of Val de France’s sugar-free Apple-raspberry or apple-pear juice, pour the bubbly liquid into a chilled glass and let the mischievous little bursts of carbonation lift your spirits. Or maybe you prefer peaches with your apples? We also have organic elderflower juice for those of you with fancier palettes - don’t be shy; we’re talking France after all!

How about those days when life gives you lemons? We’ll help you turn it into Rieme’s sparkling lemonade! Perfect for kids and adults alike - these sweet and tangy drinks will tickle your nose and make you smile from the moment you twist the cap open! You could also try Pink grapefruit, blood orange, or trendy and glamorous pink lemonade flavors to see what life is like through rose-tinted glasses.

However, when the time is right, we all love a little alcohol with our sweet drinks, right? You could go down memory lane, back to your prom night - drinking vodka-spiked punch, or you could make classier, more refined cocktails. How about some sangria lemonade? All you need is a bit of (and maybe a bit more) Sauvignon Blanc, a dash of rum, some sliced apples and oranges, and a cherry on top - our delicious lemonade. Perfect for afternoon parties as well! Happen to have some fresh mint laying around? Grab our lime lemonade and make mojitos! Add ice till the glass fogs up, and enjoy zesty summer sensations!

There’s no end to all the flavor combinations you could create with our bubbly French sodas. Take your pick, share with friends and celebrate the simple joys of being alive! And hey, if you accidentally end up enjoying the cocktails a bit too much, there’s always our Sparkling Mineral Water to save a groggy morning.

Celebrate the beauty of quotidian life with authentic French sodas

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