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Discover the authentic Val de France sparkling juices

Since its establishment in 1953, Val de France has become one of the staples for the market of non-alcoholic drinks. With their variations of sparkling organic juice made out of high-quality fresh fruit, they quickly won over the hearts of European customers. Fragrant, bubbly, festive, and with a considerably low amount of added sugar - these drinks are a perfect addition to a regular meal or a big celebration.

If you are someone who enjoys having mischievous pearls of carbonation in your beverages, this selection of Val de France flavors is a perfect match for you. Get a chilled bottle of organic sparkling apple and peach juice on a hot summer’s day, or pop open an apple and elderflower combo to celebrate the new year’s arrival - there is no occasion that can not be improved by a bit of deliciously bubbly French drink.

However, you can enjoy Val de France with your alcohol as well. These bottles, specially designed to keep juices’ freshness and carbonation intact, are also perfect additions to your home bar. Combine the sparkling apple juice with some apple cider, cranberry juice, a bit of bourbon, coconut sugar to taste and serve it with some ice to make a delicious variation of apple cider punch; or take some ginger ale, scotch whisky, our sparkling apple-pear juice, top it with a lemon wedge and voila - you’ve got yourself a whisky spritz.

Whether you decide to enjoy them on their own or as a part of a more complicated recipe, Val de France organic sparkling juices will become an essential part of your shopping list. Use them to accompany salads, sandwiches, barbecues, and even thanksgiving meals - there’s no end to occasions that could benefit from some fruity refreshments. So pick your favorite flavors and pop open a bottle whenever your heart desires.

Go fruity with organic sparkling juice by Val de France

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