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From morning toast to perfect desserts - everything is better with jams and preserves

No one can deny that fruit is great. From nutritional value to tastiness - there’s nothing you can really fault it for. However, there still is a way of making fruit even better - Jams and preserves are a work of magic - they are comforting, delicious, complementary to a myriad of different flavors, and have the ability of transforming to fit every meal of the day. And while nothing can beat the scrumptious spreads our grandmas used to make when we were kids, these high-quality French preserves and jellies do come pretty close.

From classic flavors like strawberry, apricot, and black currant, to something more unusual like a spiced beer preserve or mango chutney with pepper - we’ve got it all! Spread them on your toast, add to freshly made crepes, put a dollop on top of a bowl of ice cream, or enjoy with some decadent cheese - there is no end to what these fruit creations are capable of. You just need to find the right fit.

Do you love cheese as much as we do? Then you’ll love these incredible options supplied to you by Favols - one of the leading French jam brands - that will take your cheeseboard game to a completely new level. From quince thyme and rosemary to sugar-free fig violet, black cherry, blueberry and five mixed peppercorn - the flavor combinations are endless. Their most unbelievable creation, however? None other than champagne confit - enjoy it with foie gras or some perfectly cooked duck, because why not?

Pro tip: Spread our fig and balsamic vinegar confit on a crunchy piece of toast and top it with some feta cheese - the result will not disappoint!

If you prefer your preserves on a tangier side, fear none, Albert Menes has got your back. Try some of their bitter orange marmalade for darker aromas, clementine and lemon jam for a bit of zestiness and mango and passion fruit mix for the ultimate tropical sensation. You can also enjoy these fantastic flavors if you’re trying to cut down on your daily intake of sweet treats. With their range of reduced sugar jams, anything is possible!

After for something even less familiar? Would you like to try what peanut butter and French jelly sandwich would taste like? Try our apricot and lavender combo, or a bit of coco passion jam! Top your cheesecakes with L’epicurien’s pistachio curd and embellish your cocktails with their shallot or rose petals confits.

Growing up, jams were probably an integral part of your daily diet that brought you a lot of happiness and comfort. But you don’t have to grow out of them! As long as you pick the right flavor, these sugary and fruity spreads can keep brightening your meals for the rest of time.

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