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Rediscover French flavors with Clement Faugier

All it takes is one look at French cuisine to realize that the rest of the world has not been using chestnuts to their full potential. This often unfairly neglected ingredient can make a delicious snack on its own as well as an incredible addition to a myriad of recipes! So whether you’re after some new options for when you’re feeling peckish or looking for a beautiful product you can experiment with, this selection of Clement Faugier treats is bound to become your treasure trove! Established in 1882 and carrying the traditions and flavors of Southwest France with every bite, this brand is the epitome of quality and class!

Here in the USA, we’ve blended and grounded down every single type of nut there is to make variations upon variations of the most decadent and rich nut butter, but for some reason, chestnut spreads have never really been given the attention they deserve. And we’re about to fix that!

If you choose to go with our vanilla chestnut spread, you’ll be able to create some of the most flavorful desserts! From pastry filling to toppings for tarts and pancakes, there is no end to all the exciting culinary possibilities contained in each and every can! For a sweeter twist, you could always go with our candied chestnut paste. And If you plan on using this beautiful concoction of pureed chestnuts as a decoration for your baked goods as well, Clement Faugier’s chestnut spread in a tube can give you the perfect amount of control for creating the most wonderful shapes!

And they’re not just useful as a filling; you could also add a variety of textures and flavors to your culinary creations with our whole candied chestnuts. They are perfect for topping and decorating pies, cakes, and cupcakes, as well as adding a bit of excitement to crepes and waffles. You could even sprinkle some in your salad, and as long as you’ve got just enough salty and savory flavors to balance out the sweetness, you’ll end up with the flavor explosion unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Don’t look so surprised - odd pairings are often the best ones! You could even use our unsweetened chestnut puree as a base for soups and stir-fries or as an addition to stuffing - delicious every time!

As for all of you snack-lovers out there - we’ve got more than enough to offer! Convenient and ready to go at a moment’s notice - Clement Faugier’s whole chestnuts are your goldmine! Whether you opt for the decadent Marrons glacés candied chestnuts, whole cooked chestnuts, or the most luxurious, flavorful, and mischievously intriguing candied chestnuts in cognac, your snacktime is bound to be extremely mouthwatering! So choose your favorites and give these stunning pearls of nature a go!

Make culinary discoveries with French chestnut puree from Yummy Bazaar

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