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Taste the authentic flavor of French sardines - shop Connetable online!

All the seafoodies out there, rejoice! We, at Yummy Bazaar, have created a curated selection of the most authentic Mediterranean and Scandinavian Connetable sardines and tuna to help you incorporate your favorite food in your everyday life without the hassle of preparing your own fish. Not only are sardines and tuna delicious, but they are also packed with Omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein. Keep on reading and find your favorites to enjoy the best of the sea on your plate!

Since 1853, Connetable has been combining quality fish with a variety of exquisite recipes to offer you the most authentic French fish flavors. This sardine cannery is the oldest cannery in the world, with knowledge and craftsmanship passed down for generations. With a combination of artisanal and modern manufacturing methods, Connetable delivers canned fish delicacies made with no artificial flavors or preservatives to satisfy your taste buds with quality seafood flavors.

Looking for something that’s classic and easy to enjoy at any time of the day? Connetable Sardines de Garge packed in extra virgin olive oil will help you create amazing salads and easy breakfast toasts. For the most authentic French experience, add a few pieces of sardines to a slice of rusk and finish it all off with a sprinkle of fresh herbs to enjoy a quick, delicious and healthy breakfast.

For an extra dose of antioxidants and slightly pungent flavors of authentic extra virgin olive oil, make sure to start your day with Connetable sardines in olive oil. This canned masterpiece rich in calcium and omega-3 guarantees the most delicious sardines that you can enjoy straight out of the jar! Add these fried sardines to your sandwich, or add them to a salad dish. Either way, they will taste scrumptious.

Cod is known to be one of the most versatile seafood that combines well with all kinds of seasonings. To help you include this nutritious fish into your diet, we bring you Connetable cod liver with a mildly sweet and delicately soft texture that’s best served cold on salads and toasts.

Want something fancier? When speaking of a fancier version of tuna, the number one fish that comes to mind is albacore. With its milder flavor and lighter colored freshness, albacore takes the crown for being just as delicious as healthy. To bring you the full authentic experience of enjoying this wonderful fish, we made sure to include Connetable white tuna in water to maintain the fresh, firm flesh and fine taste. Sure, Connetable Albacore tuna is delightfully tasty, but Connetable Albacore yellowfin tuna takes the crown for being the most versatile seafood option with a stronger flavor than albacore. If you are a sushi lover, then this tuna is for you!

If you’re a smoked seafood lover, we have some of the most fascinating options for you! Smoked cod liver is very famous all around the world for its satisfying texture and can be seen in numerous Mediterranean dishes. Connetable beech wood-smoked cod liver will ensure the most authentic smoked cod liver flavor achieved by the natural wood smoking process. Of course, you’d want to add some extra flavor with a dash of pepper and spices, but you don’t have to; we’ve got you covered! Connetable smoked cod liver with espelette pepper will have just the right amount of heat and flavor to bring you an authentic seafood aroma without too much work!

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