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The ultimate fiery fusion: Ching's Secret is here to deliver premium Desi-Chinese culinary delights!

Indian-Chinese cuisine is the perfect mash-up we didn't know we needed so badly! Chinese people have been visiting India searching for new discoveries for thousands of years, leaving their mark behind in one little Chinatown in Kolkata. Soon enough, the flavorful festival of the Indian culinary world would be transformed into something even more majestic and colorful. Now, you might be doubting that's even a possibility, just like we did, but you have to trust us! In Kolkata, Chinese culinary traditions got infused with Desi food knowledge and created new, more tempting ways of cooking Indian delights. So, it's the ultimate love story, the culinary Notebook, that, unlike the movie, has a very happy ending: Indian spices meet pungent Chinese sauces, fall in love, and stay with each other forever! So, if you're ready to double up on the deliciousness of majestic Asian culinary delights, we have the most exciting surprise for you!

On Yummy Bazaar's digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on the most aromatic range of Ching's Secret - one of the first Desi-Chinese food brands! Since 1995, Ching's Secret has been spoiling its customers with culinary choices, whether it's instant fusion noodles, sauces, mixes, or masala - there's no flavor emergency that Ching can't help you with! And at Yummy Bazaar, we are dedicated to introducing you to all of these delights at the most affordable prices. So, buckle up and enjoy the most flavorful collection of Ching's Secret!

Let's start with noodles, shall we? Ching's Secret veg Hakka noodles are the ultimate quick & easy dinner option when you're tight on time. These Veg Hakka noodles only take four minutes to prepare, and it satiates just like a full-course meal; that’s the secret of Chings. These Hakka noodles will be the perfect addition to your favorite stir-fry recipes, like Chicken Chow Mein!

While you're at the noodles aisle, you must check out Ching's Secret Manchurian instant noodles! These Manchurian noodles are infused with authentic Indian masala, crafting the most enchanting aroma and imparting the ultimate combination of tastes to your meals. It can be your new favorite snack or even a tasty meal to finish your long days with victorious lusciousness!

Enough with noodles, what about hearty soups to keep us warm whenever we're feeling down?! Well, that's not going to be a problem since our digital shelves are fully stocked with Ching's Secret Manchow soup - a thick and spicy delight to leave you stumped with delectable aromas! With just one pack of this indulgent soup, you can make three to four servings of your soon-to-be new favorite comfort food for winter's cold!

And what about all renowned Indian masalas? Are you interested in finding out how Chinese culinary traditions have transformed already perfect staples?! We are glad to be of help! Ching's Secret Paneer chilli masala is the perfect melding of flavors, made only with the highest quality spices! And it's flawlessly blended, so you don't even have to add a pinch of salt! If you're someone who loves Chilli Paneer, Ching's masala mix will become your secret weapon for taming the fiery essence of Indo-Chinese favorite appetizer! However, with Ching's Secret Chinese masala pouch, every one of your favorite dishes is guaranteed to taste unexplainably moreish!

Oh, and we have something for seasoning chicken dishes to perfection, too - Ching's Secret chicken chili masala will become your pantry staple just after the first use! Combining harmonious flavors of ginger, garlic, onion, cumin, and pepper, to name a few, the chicken chili masala mix will become your holy grail for every chicken recipe.

And now, something for the ultimately moreish rice bowls! Ching's Secret Schezwan fried rice masala is here to take your rice creations to the next level. Just like one wave of a magic wand - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and your veggie fried rice bowl is dressed in elegant brown seasoning, looking like a million bucks or million finger-licks! With Schezwan seasoning mix, crafting delicious rice can be so effortless, you wouldn't even believe your taste buds. However, this fried rice masala offers the ultimately tasty base to any of your dishes: salads, soups, or even meaty creations.

And what about sauces?! No meal is ever complete without sauce - that's precisely why, with us, you will have no trouble shopping for Ching's Secret green chili sauce that will instantly add a blast of edgy character to your meals. Made from Jwala green chilies, piquant vinegar, and aromatic spices, this chili sauce will deliver a delicious buzz to your meaty creations, serving as a perfect marinade or dipping sauce for your snacks!

And before you are on your way back to your shopping cart, you must check out Ching's Secret chilli vinegar made with whole hot chili! It's the ultimate BOLD secret for rejuvenating your meals with just a drizzle! The eye-catching green Jwala chili is soaked up in the sharp vinegar, doubling up on the pleasant edginess that will elevate every single of your culinary masterpieces!

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