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Callipo: Calabria’s Finest Tuna and Anchovies

Founded in 1913 with a focus on quality, Callipo first hit the scene in Pizzo, a charming city located in Calabria known for its tradition of tuna fishing. All those years ago, Callipo became the first tuna company to tin the delectable fish of the Mediterranean and quickly made a name for themselves in the fishing industry.

Known for their commitment to providing quality above all else, Callipo still continues that tradition today. With only the finest cuts of tuna packed with care and expertise, it is no wonder that Callipo tuna is a highly sought-after product amongst locals and foodies alike. Perfect for snacking or creating an entire dish, make Callipo your go-to for lunch and beyond.

Your Key to Snack Success

Canned tuna sometimes gets a bad reputation, but try Callipo canned tuna one time, and you will be converted into a canned believer. Each can of Callipo tuna starts with some of the best cuts of fish straight from the Mediterranean before it is carefully steamed and cleaned and then neatly packaged in cans or jars with olive oil to give the tuna an authentically Italian taste. Its fresh flavor is lauded by chefs all over the world and has been loved by locals for generations — so now it is your turn to buy Callipo online and taste the difference for yourself.

For a simple yet nutritious snack try Callipo Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil. Packed with lean yellowfin filets these light, rose-colored pieces of fish are hand-packed in olive oil and left to marinate for an entire year. The result is a can filled with juicy and delicious flavor that you won’t be able to stop eating. Throw this can of tuna in your lunch bag or crack it open and make a tuna salad for dinner.

For a more hearty snack, try a jar of Callipo Tuna with Potatoes and Rosemary for an added boost of texture and flavor. With generous chunks of potato and rosemary in every spoonful, this jar is ideal for snacking on solo or toss it into a salad or pasta.

While Callipo is known for their tuna, they also serve up some quality anchovies like their Callipo Anchovy Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to help conserve the natural salty flavor, these plump anchovies are delicious eaten by themselves over a pizza or tossed into a Ceasar salad dressing.

So do yourself a favor and swap out your old canned tuna for Callipo canned tuna: a rich and briny treat that stays true to its Calabrian legacy.

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