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Taste Italy’s number one bruschetta toast by Asturi!

Bruschetta might seem like just a slice of garnished bread, but it is one of the most unique elements of Tuscan tradition with the most flavorful crunch you can find in the Italian repertoire. This heavenly appetizer originates from Italy and continues to be a significant part of Italian cuisine. Bruschetta for breakfast. Bruschetta for lunch. Bruschetta for dinner. Yes, you can enjoy this appetizer any day of the week at any time. It’s that good and simple!

What is the key ingredient to a scrumptiously delicious bruschetta toast? A good slice of toast! The best Italian bruschetta toasts on the market? The answer is undoubtedly Asturi bruschettini! With our curated selection of Asturi, you will discover the most delicious opportunities to experience the real taste of Italian cuisine!

What’s so special about Asturi’s Italian bruschettini? Each bruschetta toast is baked to perfection using the highest quality Italian olive oil. Made with age-old artisan recipes, Asturi brings you non-GMO bruschetta with no preservatives and no artificial flavors.

For the most classic bruschetta toast flavor, Asturi rosemary bruschettini baked in authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil makes for a delicious appetizer when paired with mini bites of tomato, olives, cheese, and a light drizzle of balsamic dressing! Want something more garlicky? Restock your pantry with Asturi garlic and parsley bruschettini, and enjoy!

Although, Asturi doesn’t limit its offerings to just bruschettini! If you simply want some Mediterranean snacks baked with natural ingredients with luscious flavors, Asturi Focaccibites are here to serve! For a garlicky and savory snack, try Asturi Focaccibites with garlic & parsley, but if you’d like to use this snack as a lip-smacking dip for your favorite salsa, Focaccibites with tomato & oregano crackers are just right for you!

Craving something decadently Italian to satisfy your sweet tooth? Asturi brought you two of the renowned Italian classics: Italian palmiers and Italian almond cookies! Asturi almond cookies are no ordinary cookies. With their delicate hearty texture and a beautiful golden crust, these delights make for a sophisticated treat, especially with your favorite cup of coffee!

On the other hand, Asturi palmiers baked & hand-crafted in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance - Tuscany - will instantly satisfy you with heavenly puff, crispy and light texture. Start your day with Italian palmiers paired with your favorite cup of espresso to bring more sweetness to your everyday life!

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