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Buy Alta Valle Scrivia pasta online and travel to Italy through flavors whenever you want!

If we were to tell you to think about the ultimate comfort food, what would be the first thing to come to your mind, and why would it be pasta?

From creamy sauces to bolognese, simple topping of shredded cheese or sauteed vegetables, seafood, and even just a drizzle of olive oil - good pasta doesn’t need too many embellishments to turn into a culinary masterpiece, and it still manages to remain one of the most versatile ingredients known to us. So it goes without saying that in every foodie’s pantry, there should be a pack or two of authentic Italian pasta at all times! And with this selection of Alta Valle Scrivia pasta, you’re guaranteed to be all stocked up!

Alta Valle Scrivia is one of the few prominent companies in Italy that still produces traditional, commonly underappreciated shapes of classic pasta. They pay extra attention to each and every form, and their use of semolina flour distinguishes the product’s taste on top of the look. And nowhere is this clearer than with Alta Valle Scrivia corzetti pasta. These thin sheets of noodles are simultaneously delicate AND chewy. They are a perfect vessel for creamier sauces and an absolute must-have for those of you who favor your Alfredo pasta recipes!

Speaking of Alfredo sauce, Alta Valle Scrivia pappardelle noodles will also fit any of your decadent, rich, white sauces like a glove! Considerably wider than spaghetti, these luxurious strands of dough manage to absorb a larger amount of flavorful sauces and will not waste a single drop! Perfect for classic recipes as well as your own improvisational masterpieces - what more could we ask for?!

And if you intend on making the most comforting dish for colder evenings, you can’t go without Alta Valle Scrivia scuccuzzu - the Italian soup pasta noodles. They are smaller than regular noodles, yet larger than couscous, and infinitely more satisfying in aromatic soups! Add it to any broth of your choice, and savor every single bite!

So peruse our selection of organic Italian pasta from Alta Valle Scrivia, stock up on your soon-to-be pantry staples, and make sure to never run out - there are way too many glorious pasta recipes for any one of us to miss out on them because we didn’t have a packet of “croxetti” in the kitchen!

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