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Add some French flair to your breakfast with Albert Menes jams

You will often hear that breakfast is the most important meal. And it’s true, but maybe not for the reasons you might think. Breakfast doesn’t just set your body up for the day; it does the same for your mind and, consequently, for your mood as well. So the first meal of the day just might be the one thing that determines how everything else turns out.

And when it comes to responsibilities as big as that, we take our job very seriously. Which is why it should come as no surprise that for the ultimate breakfast, we bring you only the best French jams and preserves by Albert Menes.

Your morning toast will never have to be bland and boring if you stock up on the incredible flavors of our selection. From organic apricot jam to organic strawberry jam and even organic bitter orange marmalade - there are more than enough options to make sure that you have the most spectacular meal to accompany your morning dose of caffeine! Enjoy them with bread and butter, combine French fig jam with cheeses, or simply let a spoonful or two melt into your warm porridge - a day that starts that well is bound to bring some happiness! Even if you’re not that keen on deliciously sweet preserves, you can enjoy Albert Menes reduced sugar jams and delight in all of the fruity flavors! But if you want an absolutely unique celebration of sweet, bitter, rich, and decadent tastes, spiced beer preserve is your dream find! Just crack open a jar and go on a culinary adventure you’ll never forget!

With a history that spans a millennium, Albert Menes is one of the most renowned brands that people all over the world rely on for bringing flavor boosts to their everyday meals. Established in Paris, France, the company’s primary goal was to bring the tastes and the aromas from rural France to as many people as possible. And that’s precisely what they’ve achieved! From their stunning French jams and preserves to the unbelievably aromatic Albert Menes spices, the whole world is getting to know what the very heart of France has to offer!

Get their French ground turmeric and recreate the most incredible recipes - from Indian food to turmeric lattes - the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, if you also go for Albert Menes French ground ginger, tomato and basil mix, sea salt with Provence herbs, and even some French flower petals mix, your spice cupboard will turn into a culinary goldmine! And as for the additional flavor boosters, we’ve got you covered with everything from sweet, crunchy garlic with chili to oriental carrot spread and even the most luxurious French truffle and mushroom spread.
With Albert Menes products, you will never have to wonder which brand to go to for the most authentic French flavors. Choose your favorites and enjoy all of the culinary journeys you’re about to embark on!  

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