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Add extra decadence to your meals with a drizzle of Partanna extra virgin olive oil

Within the culinary world, there are some ingredients that don’t require any introduction - beloved classics that are essential parts of our favorite dishes and have the ability to elevate even the most mundane recipes to a gourmet level. Italian extra virgin olive oil is definitely among those legendary products.

With a long history and the process of production that’s been elevated to an art form, this rich and aromatic ingredient is a staple to every culinary enthusiast’s pantry. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we wanted to make sure you had only the best options to choose from when it came to this renowned luxurious product. In our carefully curated selection of Partanna olive oils and vinaigrettes, you’ll find everything your kitchen has been missing.

If you’re after some classic flavors, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is just what you need! Made out of Nocellara del Belice olives and full of their rich, well-rounded flavors with hints of artichokes and almonds, it’s the ultimate explosion of tastes and aroma! Perfect for any culinary endeavor, Partanna Sicilian olive oil is one product that should always have a place in your pantry.

If you want your olive oil not just to be flavorful but also have a unique aesthetic and look absolutely gorgeous on a shelf, go for Partanna extra virgin olive oil in tin. This classic packaging visually portrays the same essence of tradition and heritage that authentic Italian olive oil tastes of, and it’s the perfect vessel for preserving the freshness of its luxurious contents.

Would you like to add some extra flavors to your refreshing, colorful salads? Partanna vinaigrette is a product tailor-made for that mission. From spicy vinaigrette to their incomparable Sicilian herb vinaigrette and the most aromatic Mediterranean vinaigrette dressing, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match!

So look through our stunning collection of authentic Italian products by Partanna, and discover your brand new pantry staples!

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