Sicilian-style Ricotta Roll Cake

Drop everything you’re doing! You need to make this unbelievable dessert right now! We mean it, right now! A single bite was all it took for all of us to consider never going back to any other sweet treat. Okay, that might be an exaggeration - we’d never leave ice cream behind - but the point still stands! This Sicilian-inspired ricotta roll cake will blow your mind and fill you with all the tangy, refreshing energy you’ll ever need to defeat the summer sun! 

While traditional Sicilian cassata might require a bit more skill and precision, this iteration gives you all of the light and bright textures and flavors and none of the fuss! All you have to do is combine some delicious ingredients together and let the oven do the rest of the work. Sure, rolling it at the end might be a bit tricky, but that’s half the fun! 

So follow this recipe and create a stunning accompaniment to your summer afternoon parties, weekend picnics, and Sunday morning cups of coffee. A decadent balance of sweet sponge, tangy ricotta filling, and bright orange zest is guaranteed to leave you reaching for a second (third, or, in our case, even fourth…) slice. And as long as you’ve got your trusty Italian 00 flour, there’s nothing left to worry about!