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The Internet is light-speed quick when it comes to new food crazes: potato milk, mushroom coffee, deep-fried everything, or famous dalgona coffee that took over 2020! Most of the foodie trends might sound intriguing and equally intimidating, but not all are capable of becoming your mainstay. However, if you look closely, here and there, you'll come across exciting ones, too, that are worth the effort. Well, we have our ultimate favorite on the stand-by to meet you. It's freeze-dried coffee! Yep, you might have already heard about it, but are you truly familiar with it? Do you know what the difference between freeze-dried coffee and instant coffee is? Well, if you're shaking your head in confusion, realizing you don't really know the mechanism behind how freeze-dried coffee is made or why it's so much better, then it means you should read along!steaming cup of coffeeCoffee means different things to different people - for some, it's an ultimate pleasure in itself, for other people, it's a quick and convenient way to wake their body in the morning and get going to be the best version of themselves. If you're just like us and enjoy that extra minute of sleep, then you've probably experienced the anxiety of being incredibly late, getting out of the door at the last minute. Instant coffee has been a tried-and-tested remedy for waking yourself up on the go, but, let’s be honest, it’s definitely not the most delicious way to do so. Well, we're confident that freeze-dried coffee can solve the problem - it will quickly give you the necessary energy & extra push, just like your regular cuppa. However, freeze-dried coffee fills up your cup in under a minute without compromising the flavor profile. Now that’s something your staple can’t do, right? We think we have piqued your interest, so let’s dive headfirst, shall we?

What Exactly is Freeze-Dried Coffee?

Freeze-dried coffee is the Rockefeller of the instant coffee category, so you better not even think about putting them into the same category. Thanks to the latest processing technology, freeze-dried coffee retains more flavor and aroma of the finest beans and results in a quick yet equally enchanting brew (without actually brewing, of course). So, if you're ready to ditch your watery instant joe for bold flavors, we think you should take a look at our collection of freeze-dried coffee!

If you're curious about all the details of how freeze-dried coffee achieves instant goodness, we have all the answers you need. It's a unique manufacturing method in food processing to increase the comestible's shelf-life and aroma. Freeze-drying coffee takes a few steps of extracting, crystallization, and condensation. For something that takes a couple of minutes to fuel you up, it sure takes a lot of time to make.cup of americano coffeeWhen freeze-drying coffee beans, the coffee extract is frozen (at -40° or lower). Processing coffee at low temperatures ensures the preservation of not only the flavor but also color, aroma, and nutritional value, too. The left coffee essence is extracted with vacuum filtration during the next step, so water is removed in a gaseous state. The vacuum conservation allows coffee crystals to retain almost all their true aroma, unlike ordinary instant coffee. Lastly, the frozen crystals are dried in the vacuum chamber rapidly to preserve all the necessary characteristics. After the condensation stage, the dried water mass and naturally, the size of the crystals is expanded, and freeze-dried coffee is ready to fill up your favorite coffee cup.

At first glance, there's no significant difference between regular, grocery-caliber instant and freeze-dried coffee, but that’s only true until you give them a taste. The difference is in your cup. The unique manufacturing process allows you to enjoy quick and flavorful coffee that takes seconds to make!

Wondering Where to Buy Freeze-Dried Coffee From?

Well, of course, you are; you just found out about the ultimate instant coffee, that's flavorful and quick at the same time! That might sound like an oxymoron until you actually taste revered Mount Hagen Kaffee - one of the pioneers when it comes to freeze-drying aromatic cuppa joe!

In our collection of German coffee, you will be greeted with the luxury of choice, but keep in mind that Mount Hagen Kaffe is the one that has revolutionized the industry with organic, freeze-dried aromatic coffee delights made with only the premium quality beans sourced from heaven on earth - Papua New Guinea. Along with the abundance of choice and unmatched quality, the brand prides itself on being Fair Trade certified to ensure fair farming practices and empower your morning cuppa-creators! Every sip of your Mount Hagen coffee serves a purpose (and is utterly delicious, too)! Mount Hagen even goes to length to freeze-dry the premium quality ecologically-sourced organic coffee and transforms ordinary instant coffee into a luxuriating experience, even when you're shamefully late. Whether you're looking to add a unique twist to your quick morning joe or want to give freeze-dried goodness a chance, Mount Hagen instant coffee is the way to go!a breakfast tray with a cup of coffeeSo, are you ready to meet our ultimate favorites? Hope you’re, because Mount Hagen instant coffee is guaranteed to blow you away! Mount Hagen has created an organic fairtrade instant coffee delight made using only the finest quality Arabica beans sourced from the highlands of Papua New Guinea. It's the first certified organic freeze-dried instant coffee made adhering to the fair farming policies - so, naturally, it’s worth the pride of place in your pantry. Packed with natural sweetness, Arabica coffee served in convenient sticks has a velvety smooth mouthfeel, refined, and well-nuanced flavor mood that takes time to build up. So, if you're not a fan of Robusta's bitterness and connoisseur-approved acidity, the instant coffee sticks from Mount Hagen Kaffe will be the ideal pick-me-up to always keep in your bag!

However, for those who take their coffee without caffeine jolt, Mount Hagen has created organic decaffeinated freeze-dried instant coffee - it’s packed with the goodness of premium quality Arabica beans. The renowned German brand uses a unique, patented decaffeination process, only involving carbon dioxide and water to extract caffeine content without compromising natural characteristics. The gentle manufacturing process yields sophisticated flavor and refreshing, full-bodied aroma of the finest Arabica beans. So, fortunately for us all, Mount Hagen has achieved pure coffee goodness without overwhelming jittery effects. If you're one of those, who keep their cuppa joe on them at all times, decaffeinated Mount Hagen instant coffee sticks will be the perfect fit. The convenient packaging will let you keep your new favorite within arm's reach at work, on hikes, or anywhere else you'd like to enjoy a cup! Now, that’s the dream, right?!breakfast with a cup of coffeeWith freeze-dried coffee, your morning joe can transform from grumpy frog to prince charming - yes, everything is possible with German coffee, especially if it’s Mount Hagen’s instant coffee that we’re talking about. If you want to dial up your mornings or simply go overboard with delicious instant coffee whenever you please, you know just what to do: take your time strolling down our online aisles of German coffee, and look for these magical words - freeze-dried and thank us later!

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