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Taste Germany’s Favorite - Mount Hagen’s Instant Coffee & More

Looking for an instant coffee, but bolder, richer, and better? Well, at Yummy Bazaar, you can buy the best kind of speedy joe - Mount Hagen’s instant coffee can do so much more than any coffee granules in the world, and the secret is in freeze-drying!

Founded in 1986, Mount Hagen quickly emerged as the leading brand in the German coffee market with its unique, patented processing technology and great care for sourcing premium quality coffee. As you can probably tell from the moniker, the German brand has been growing the finest raw material on the beautiful hills of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. Mount Hagen has taken advantage of growing organic and biodynamic farming practices and the latest coffee processing technology of freeze-drying. The renowned coffee company is famous for the world’s first highly prized organic freeze-dried instant coffee. Sounds tempting, right? Unlike the grocery-caliber speedy joe, Mount Hagen’s instant coffee is made using freeze-drying technology, which means ethically sourced roasted beans are frozen at low temperature, primarily dried in vacuum chambers, and then subjected to sublimation. Along with longer shelf life, Mount Hagen’s instant coffee packs a stronger aroma and bolder flavors thanks to freeze-drying.

On Yummy Bazaar’s online store, you can shop for various Mount Hagen’s instant coffee depending on your java preferences. We sell organic instant coffee that comes in recyclable glass jars. In our digital store, we also carry Mount Hagen’s instant coffee in convenient coffee sticks, so you can take bolder aromas wherever you go. With us, you can also buy decaffeinated organic instant coffee from a famous German brand if you’re not a big fan of a late-night caffeine buzz. And just like that, instant coffee just turned into a real delight!

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Want to give the best instant coffee a taste? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. At Yummy Bazaar, we’ve curated an aromatic selection of Mount Hagen’s instant coffee for those who want to get the best of their speedy cuppa joe without compromising on flavor. However, if you want to try out unique blends to enrich your java station, you can visit our online coffee store and crown your ultimate favorite. Once you make your decision, we will do everything to get your order delivered right to your door ASAP.