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We can go on and on (and probably, on and on) about coffee and what it means to us. Still, this earnest devotion doesn't necessarily mean that we don't get why the aromatic beverage isn't everyone's cup of tea (well, maybe, exactly, because there's also tea, but that's not our point). According to Statista, in 2020-2021, the planet earth's residents consumed 166.63 million 60 kilogram bags of coffee. While it might sound big, keep in mind that the statistics exclude those frowning at the sight of the coffee and endlessly complaining about how unbelievably bitter it is (well, it doesn't have to be, if you brew it right, but we'll talk about it later).

And, we guess, every coffee-connoisseur knows a couple of people just like that - you might even be thinking about them right now. However, we are sure Italian coffee won’t leave anyone unimpressed - it’s a type of cultural heritage of the country for a reason. So, to conquer the heart of picky drinkers and get the most out of Italian coffee, we thought it's only appropriate to track down & devise simple coffee guidelines to make your breakfast, lunch breaks, or dinner cuppa joe even better. We're determined to teach you how to enjoy coffee in true Italian fashion, and with your help, get through to those coffee naysayers. So buckle up, and let's get going, shall we?cup of coffeeWe have dedicated a lengthy blog about how Italy invented modern coffee and all the details you must keep in mind when scrolling through our digital aisle of Italian coffee. Choosing a well-suited blend for your palate, brewing, serving, and enjoying it in the right way makes a huge difference in your daily cup. So why settle for ordinary joe when you can make it perfect, aka Italian?! Correct, there's no good reason to deprive yourself of the most aromatic indulgence of all times. So, get ready; here is a detailed guide for getting the most out of your Italian coffee!

Let's Talk the Best Coffee Brands for You

In no way do we mean to judge, but for the perfect joe, you have to gradually build up the courage to say goodbye to watery instant coffee (unless it's freeze-dried, then we welcome your choice with open arms and coffee cups) and start grinding your own! Among other things, finding the best coffee brands for your palates is one of the crucial parts for enjoying coffee like a true connoisseur, and we know it sounds obvious, but it sure isn't an easy task. When looking for your new favorites, a couple of things need to be checked on the list for the best coffee beans, such as the ratio of the Arabica and Robusta, origins of raw material sourced, and roast intensity. So, let's jump into our list of the best coffee brands to make your shopping go smoother and quicker.

Representing Campania, Tostini Caffe checks all boxes on our list of the best coffee brands from Italy. By simply perusing our enchantingly aromatic collection of the brand, you will spot exotic combinations of the single-origin Arabica beans from Central America. Don't get us wrong; there's nothing wrong with unique blends, but with single-origin coffee, you can serve your morning joe with more character, signature aroma, and distinct flavor. On top of the premium quality raw materials sourced from Central America and Africa, Tostini Caffee offers the best coffee beans by ensuring unique processing techniques, the latest technology, unmatched precision, and, most importantly, a passion for traditions. So, if you want your early morning to taste like Italy, Tostini Caffe can definitely make it (and so much more) happen.cappuccino coffee cremaFounded in Calabria, Caffe Mauro prides itself on unique, long, slow roasting methods, which help preserve all the natural characteristics of the premium quality raw ingredients. With more than 70 years of experience under its belt, one of the best coffee brands of our collection can treat you to Centopercento - 100% Arabica blend from South and Central America, velvety 70/30 ratio of Arabica and Indian Robusta to deliver fruity acidity, and, of course, organic roasts. Apart from unmatched flavors, sustainably sourced raw materials, too, make enjoying Caffe Mauro coffee good for the soul. In our collection of the brand, you'll also discover ground coffee along with laborious whole bean coffee, so work-shy coffee lovers can get a taste of true Italian coffee, too!

And speaking of the whole bean coffee, no one does it better than Kimbo Coffee. The Italian brand can take you on a journey into the perfect world of Neapolitan coffee. If you consider yourself a true coffee lover, you already know that Neapolitans take their cuppa seriously. They are the most passionate coffee enthusiasts in the world, and it would probably take the rest of the world quite some time to take that title away. To taste true Neapolitan coffee heritage, the Kimbo offers one of the best coffee beans and ground coffee, too. If you're determined to transform your regular cuppa joe into true delight, we advise you to give Kimbo's professional line a try and don't be intimidated by the name - we all gotta start somewhere, right? The medium-roast whole bean coffee combines carefully sourced finest quality beans from Brazil, Colombia, and India. The big 3 line-up will definitely make you understand the difference between a grocery store and authentic Italian coffee.

To thoroughly look into the best coffee brands from Italy, all you have to do is scroll through our collection. While we're more than happy to guide you through it, we think it's time to move on to the ultimate coffee 101, don't you think?

All About Italian Coffee Ritual

  • Fresher the Better: When it comes to Italian coffee, it's always worth spending some time to perfect the brew. Apart from the quality of the beans, there is a crucial element capable of making or breaking your coffee. Your cuppa joe depends on how fresh your ground is. That's why opting for whole bean coffee is advised. We get how grinding your beans at home can be frustrating, especially when you need that shove out of the door early in the morning ASAP. But, trust us, after you'll get yourself the best coffee beans, just the fresh aroma alone will justify the labor of love!
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  • No Bitterness Allowed: You have probably heard about how the uninitiated like to go on and on about the bitterness of coffee. That’s just because they don’t know how to brew it right. Coffee is only unpleasantly bitter if it's roasted to the maximum intensity, or the fault is in preparation methods. You can have premium quality coffee beans roasted to perfection and still ruin it with too hot water. To avoid over-extraction of your beans, try brewing at 197- 205°F - voila!

  • Stir Your Crema Away: It doesn't matter if you take your coffee with sugar; Italian coffee traditions suggest stirring your coffee yields a more flavorful overall mood. It's supposed to help with taste distribution, so don't feel bad for diffusing your fluffy crema hat.

  • The Power of Water: To truly establish yourself as the best home barista ever known to humankind (dream big or go home, right?!), you should be able to serve your coffee the Italian way. Let us explain what we mean by that. The aromatic nourishment might overwhelm your palate if it reflects your days-worth indulgences, so it's essential to cleanse. That's why you always serve a glass of water along with your cup of Italian coffee - you have to refresh your palate. And, speaking of water, according to some of the coffee rumors, the unique mineral content in the local water supply is the secret weapon as to why Naples is deemed the ultimate capital of (Italian) coffee. So, it's only logical that better water equals better coffee.
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  • The First Slurp: You might be used to politely taking a sip out of your coffee cup, but to taste the greatness crafted by your own hands, try slurping it. The extra air allows your palates to breathe and helps detect all the nuances. While it might sometimes sound funny, causing you to drown in awkward silence following your hearty SLLGRRHPP noises, coffee-slurping will be weirded-out looks-free and even appreciated with the right crowd.

  • Perfect Coffee Cookie: Now, this is the ultimate pairing - sorry, peanut butter and jelly! Len Fisher, the Ig Nobel Prize-winning physicist, has even done his prized research on an optimal way to dunk your cookies, but we have to admit, we are no math-geniuses to calculate surface tension of coffee or the average pore diameter of a cookie before pigging yourself with this delicious combo. So, here's a quick solution for all of those who like their coffee math-free - our luscious collection of Italian cookies is studded with famous names, such as almond amaretti, frollini, and nutty cantuccini. But classic biscotti compliments aromatic cuppa joe the most. Biscotti’s dry, crumbly texture sucks in all the goodness of the coffee. But at the same time, it is nearly impossible to soak to the point of breaking down - sounds like a dream, right?! You can always grab all the intriguing ones and run a few trials, for research purposes, of course…
coffee with cookies and a glass of waterAnd just like that, with all the must-have whole bean coffees from top Italian brands and six easy tricks to better enjoy your morning joe, the world will smell and look better. Yep, even early in the mornings! But don't just take our word for it, get to experimenting, and don't forget to invite all the coffee naysayers to your test trials, see if they can't resist the excellence of Italian coffee done right!

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