Cremino chocolate on a table

Cremino is famous Italian chocolate with velvety texture, first made in Turin, Piedmont, in the laboratory of Ferdinando Baratti & Edoardo Milano. The three-layered confection has a soft, melt-in-your-mouth consistency and is usually made with gianduja chocolate and nuts paste filling. It’s thought to have been created in the first half of the 19th century; however, officially, it’s dated 1934.  

For those who know that Italy is home to the world’s biggest chocolate festival, it’s only natural to assume that the country takes its chocolate very seriously. And, although it’s true, even for our expert readers, it might come as a surprise that it’s Turin that does the most meaningful job - inventing Gianduja? Gianduiotto? Cremino? Yup, all of that happened in Turin, not too many years ago. So, we’ve decided to take you on the delicious ride to the world of Italian chocolate, and, for the fun of it, we want to start from the very last member of gourmet treats - velvety smooth cremino!

The fabled cremino usually consists of three layers - while outer ones, traditionally, are made with gianduja, the flavor of the inner layer varies, with coffee, lemon, and hazelnut being the most popular choices. The enchanting combination of unique centers with chocolate layers creates a velvety, instantly melty treat, loved for a one-of-a-kind texture capable of picking you up with just a whiff. We guess that’s the main reason why cremino has become an everyday staple for the Royal House of Savoy, too.

Various types of Cremino

Cremino quickly became the talk of the town, a unique culinary phenomenon that mesmerized even the automotive industry. Let us elaborate: years later, after inventing a velvety smooth treat, Fiat was determined to inspire Italian chocolatiers to create new and unique flavors of cremino, which would be presented along with a brand new car - Fiat Tipo 4. The renowned pastry chef Aldo Majani, taking inspiration from the name, experimented with not three but four layers of luscious gianduja and almond paste. The signature chocolate became known as Fiat cremino, exclusively sold by the famous Italian automobile manufacturer.

So, if we’ve made your mouth water a little bit, it would be a perfect time to let you know that, at Yummy Bazaar, we have a mesmerizing selection of fabled velvety treats and all the unique renditions of Italian cremino. Whether it's you, you are planning to spoil with Italian confectionery par excellence, or your loved ones; it’s guaranteed you will discover your new favorites with us. To make your journey a little bit easier, here are some of our favorites you should definitely try.

Some of Our Favorite Cremino Chocolates

Scrolling through our luscious selection, there’s one name that stands out - renowned Venchi will definitely catch your eye with its elegant packaging that hides Italian gourmet flair underneath. So, if it’s your first time giving cremino a chance, a century-old brand from Turin is the best of the best.

Whether it’s traditionally square cremino you got your eyes on or proudly unique experimentations of quaint texture, Venchi has got you covered. Hazelnut & almond cremino by Venchi will feel like a breath of fresh air in your sweets collection. The humble-looking square cremino chocolate consists of two outer layers of milk gianduja chocolate. However, when you nibble your way down into the center, you’ll be greeted with a mesmerizingly delicate combination of almond paste and white chocolate. While we adore the laid-back lusciousness of Venchi cremino chocolate, it must be said - there’s nothing laid-back about the carefully selected ingredients. Venchi prides itself on using premium quality cocoa beans and nuts to achieve its unmatched flavor mood. We think Piedmont hazelnuts deserve a special acknowledgment since they are IGP (Indication of Geographic Protection) preserved variety. The small, unexpectedly sweet hazelnuts from Piedmont are praised for their long-lasting aroma, perfectly suited for pastry and dessert. That’s how these unique Italian hazelnuts found their home in gianduja chocolate, cremino, and various fabled recipes by Venchi. So, if you’re looking for a delight to give a beguiling liveliness to your afternoons, creamy hazelnut & almond cremino will be the perfect fit, don’t you think?!

Cremino chocolate by Venchi

The dark cremino is one more unique rendition  of classic Italian creation. As you can probably tell from its look, dark cremino consists of an almond gianduja center based on 56% dark chocolate and outer layers of 75% dark chocolate gianduja. What can we say? It’s a bouquet of gianduja goodness. The nutty lusciousness of Piedmont hazelnuts is balanced out with intensely bold dark chocolate of the brand, resulting in a harmonious flavor perfect for any time of the day. However, dark cremino chocolate sounds too good not to be shared with the people you love the most. So, for your next get-together, don’t hesitate to introduce a new luscious member to your charcuterie board - serve the creamy goodness of Italian chocolatey magic over aged cheese, dried fruits, nuts, and enjoy with your favorite dessert wine!

For those who have already had the luxury of falling in love with this classic Piedmontese chocolate treat, Venchi has made the next best thing - a pistachio cremino bar is a dream come true for all the chocolate connoisseurs. The beautiful bar has three layers, just like cremino itself. Unique treat has a white pistachio gianduja center, encapsulated with layers of pistachio milk gianduja - so, you know, Venchi’s bar is nothing like an ordinary piece of chocolate. The signature rendition has, if not more, not by any means less pleasant velvety texture and creamy bite to it. However, if you like your chocolate to make that moreish crunch sound, we understand that, too. That’s why we also carry a chocolate-covered cremino bar.. The luscious gianduja cream encapsulates the velvety smoothness of cremino filling. So, once you bite into it, the pleasant crisp of chocolatey armor will be quickly substituted with the softness of the cremino center - so, you get the best of both worlds, just like that!

Cremino chocolate on a table

Whether you’re looking for a unique addition to your me-time treats collection or in search of a perfectly delicious gift for your loved ones, we’re more than sure, Italian cremino will help you with whatever you have going on. And while we tried to convey the magic of it objectively, once you give cremino a taste and Italian flair seeps into your taste buds, you will be amazed how much more great it really is!

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