Why Are Madeleines So Good?

Have you ever had that one unforgettable delight on your trip abroad that even years later keeps on living in your mind, like it’s haunting you, but in a delicious, non-threatening way?! You might even often find yourself daydreaming about the first ever bite and feeling of utterly delicious shock - you didn’t expect it to taste so good. Well, if you ever had French Madeleines, we’re sure you already know what we are talking about. Marcel Proust, a famous French author, even wrote lengthily about how tea-dipped Madeleines reminded him of his childhood. He even went to great lengths to prove that every person has his very own Madeleine memory. The epitome of French pastry excellence, these shell-shaped fabled treats make a statement - “we’re the best spongy cake-cookie hybrid you’ll ever taste!” And, today, we’re determined to get down to the nitty-gritty of what kind of French sorcery is going on with oh-so-lovely classic Madeleines!

French Madeleines cakes

Tiny cakes or shell-shaped cookies? No matter which category you attribute them to, it’s guaranteed every time you hear about or see Madeleines, they automatically call for the beautiful scenery of France into your mind - just like baguettes and croissants. Madeleines have that classic French flair that transforms them from ordinary treats to luscious desserts. Even though not many of us have experience of baking them at home from scratch - well, because French pastry tends to be intimidating - we bet most foodies would love to stock their pantry with scallop shelf-shaped delights. We’re ready to take you through the most popular culinary lore about how French Madeleines were born and tell you exactly where to buy them online. Sounds good? Then, let’s dive deep into the world of the French pastry superstars.

The Story of French Madeleines

No one knows how they came about, but according to the most popular culinary legend, it has something to do with Madeleine Paulmier, a young maid of the Duke of Lorraine. During one of the royal reception’s of the Duke, a fight broke out between a cook and a steward - according to the story, they couldn’t agree on which dessert to serve for the party. To resolve the issue, Madeleine stood in as a chef and made a traditional family dessert - a recipe from her grandmother. (That sounds awfully a lot like one of the most popular stories about how Italian panettone cake was born, right?!) The soft, spongy cakes were made with eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. Surprisingly, this simple ingredients list created sophisticated treats, loved even centuries later. And the Duke of Lorraine loved them, too. In fact, he loved them so much that Madeleines even became his favorite staples, and when King Louis XV visited Lorraine, he didn’t hesitate to share these delights. So, this is how quickly enough, Madeleines took over Versaille, too.  

After Marcel Proust engrained these light, delicate spongy treats into French culture, Madeleines have become a delicious symbol of the country, found stacked on shelves of every patisserie across. The fluffy cakes are usually eaten hot, fresh out of the oven, with a cuppa to dip in. But, if you’re not ready to take on the challenge of preparing them from scratch, we have a tempting assortment of French Madeleines, and you’re about to meet some of our ultimate favorites!

Where to Buy Madeleines Online

Our tasty collection of French Madeleines is ready to take your afternoon tea session up a notch, so if you’re interested in gourmet French pastry, you know exactly where to look. The extraordinary French delights come in various flavors, guaranteeing to satisfy even the highbrow foodies with a sweet tooth. Biting into a soft buttery texture and delicate consistency of Madeleines feels like laying on cloud nine, but you’re actually nibbling on it. Keep in mind - classic Madeleines are brightened with a hint of zingy lemon and aromatic vanilla, bound to stick with you for the rest of your day. If you’re particularly interested in pairing your soon-to-be favorite French cakes, we’ll let you in on our delicious secret - dipping them into a chocolate mint ganache or lusciously thick French fruit jams works culinary wonders. The soft, airy texture just begs to be dipped so that it can boast with flavors. So, feel free to freestyle your Madeleines to fit your palates! And while you’re thinking about all the yummy pairings you can whip up, here are some of our favorite ready-to-enjoy classic Madeleines you should get your hands on.

French Madeleine by OUI LOVE IT

Source: Oui Love It!

Oui Love It is a family-owned French brand founded by the adventurous gourmand couple, treating the world to classic and unique French pastry delights and so much more. Established more than 30 years ago, the brand has become one of the prominent names on French soil when it comes to the most delicious classic biscuits or jazzed-up delights with unique twists. The brand caters to every dietary need, and that’s precisely what we love the most about them.

With the help of Oui Love It, you can enjoy equally delicious gluten-free French Madeleines without unpleasant symptoms taking their toll! These tempting-looking French spongy goodies hide soft, ever-so-slight lusciousness and buttery feel inside. All you have to do is, slip out one - or make it two Madeleine treats, bite into them, and you’ll be instantly transported back onto your favorite childhood swing with warming breeze playing with your hair. So, since now you know exactly where to buy gluten-free Madeleines from, all you have to do is, think about delicious pairings. And, don’t get us wrong, they are simply delectable on their own, too, but for a bit of flamboyance, feel free to coat your treats with whipped cream and just a little cherry on top!

While we’re more than sure classic gluten-free Madeleines will quell your craving with ease; our collection hides interesting renditions by St. Michel, too. Started as a family bakery in 1905, the renowned French brand has millions of loyal customers worldwide. The skillful blending, mixing, and baking of classic French pastry has transformed the St. Michel into a national treasure! While St. Michele’s classic French butter biscuits are fabled around the country, their Madeleines are no less applause-worthy.

St Michel Madeleine and galette cookies

Source: St. Michel

With just one look at mini Madeleines with chocolate chips, you’ll get that patting-legs-from-the-excitement feeling of finding your new favorite delights to pair with your morning cuppa joe. Each delightful-golden mini treat is sprinkled with melty chocolate chips, providing luscious aromas, delicious enough to serve as a perfect pick-me-up during busy days! However, to jazz them up for a get-together, simply slather them with a generous layer of French chestnut paste and serve with a cup of robust Carte Noire coffee.

The most fabled heirloom treat isn’t always glamorous-looking towering construction looking down on you from a silver plate - at least, not for us! Often it’s the simple and hearty treats we got from our grandmas as a prize. Maybe, that’s why France is so in love with Madeleines, and, to be quite frank, so are we! So, like a true born-and-bred French, our pantry too is filled with quaint Madeleines, French jams, and Petit Beurre biscuits. And whether it’s something new you’re after or just missing a taste from home, we promise we have it. From gluten-free French Madeleines to classic butter biscuits in our French grocery store online, you’ll find everything your heart desires!

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