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February the 14th is coming up - that either got us eye-roll from you, or you just scooched closer to the screen to hear us out. You know what that means, right? A lot of pink heart-shaped boxes wherever you look and dreading anxiety of getting the right gift - for your partner or yourself - self-love is just as worth celebrating! Whether it's a homemade romantic dinner you’re planning or binge-watching your favorite series with, maybe, an indulgent treat right beside you on a sofa - you have to get the perfect gift!

There are time-tested, and frankly, not so successful ways you can go with: overpriced yet stunning flower bouquets, which after the initial amazement, turn brown, underwhelming, and transform into a downhearted image. And, of course, there’s a classic grocery-store easy-to-reach chocolate and card, which is far from depicting your true feelings. And, don’t get us wrong, we’re in no way criticizing - actually, we’ve been there and done that. Our not-so-pleasant personal experience is exactly where we are coming from. And, they say, great men learn from others’ mistakes, so, take it from us - you can do better than that! If you’re reading this, take it as a reminder of putting an early Valentine’s Day research in your calendar. Or, if you just happen to be free, why not do it today? We’re going to guide you through the best chocolate gifts for chocolate lovers or not.

The Most Delicious Gift Ever

We can’t miss out on an opportunity of giving you a little food history lesson whenever possible, so bear with us for a couple of minutes while we try to track down how and when chocolate became the symbol of Valentine’s Day!

While velvety goodness, its highness, chocolate dates back to 450 B.C, chocolate gift boxes are relatively new creations, which is somewhat confusing; why would it take humanity so long to come up with a concept this simple? After chocolate drinks became a staple throughout Europe in the 18th century, chocolate treats quickly rose to fame, too. By the 1840s, Valentine’s Day also managed to give itself a romantic makeover, and initially, not so lovey-dovey legends of St. Valentine became enough of a reason to celebrate love with noble, sophisticated gifts. Richard Cadbury, a mogul of the English chocolate-making industry, was the first to market heart-shaped chocolate boxes, which, in itself, were so eye-catching that frequently served as a reservoir of memories, pictures, and even love letters. So, for their looks and efficiency, they stuck around and became a symbol of 14th February. Don’t get us wrong, yummy chocolates inside helped too. Since then, the idea of chocolate heart boxes has been upgraded countless times, but, we say, nothing beats classic looks with gourmet chocolate inside. Now nearly 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold annually for only Valentine’s Day, but how many of them really say “I Love You” just the way you intend to? Not many of them!

Which Chocolate Is Best for a Gift? Asking for All the Lovebirds

As a general rule, chocolate has parts in nearly every festivity, but it's definitely in a starring role when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This is why it’s essential to step up your chocolate game on the 14th; you can’t recycle holidays and birthday favorites. We have put together some of the revered luxury chocolate gift boxes and delights tested & proven to conquer hearts and palates. And, don’t worry if you or your partner don’t necessarily identify as choco-lovers - after you taste gourmet bonbons from France or traditional Italian pralines, you’ll change your mind. Whether you’re flying solo or with your cherished partner, our favorite gourmet chocolate hearts and unique delights can drown out any bitterness. So, let’s jump right ahead to our list of the best chocolate gift boxes, shall we?

Here’s haute couture delight just for you - stunning white chocolate Baci pralines by Perugina are adorned with elegant gift tin designed by irreplaceable D&G. Now, this is what we call gifting with style! The limited-edition “Dolce Vita'' luxury chocolate gift box is filled with signature products - Bacio pralines. We’re sure, if you’ve read our blog about the story of Perugina, you probably already know exactly what to expect, but we won’t get tired of repeating ourselves when it comes to fabled Perugina. Baci delights were first created by the co-founder, Luisa Spagnoli. The one-of-a-kind treats quickly found broad fame. However, Baci pralines were brought to their acme with unique packaging. Every praline hides a heartwarming note inside the wrapper, so, technically, every piece of chocolate is your personal secret messenger. Inside luxurious Italian pralines, you will meet a whole hazelnut crown jewel, luscious chocolate filling with hazelnut pieces, and premium quality chocolate shell to deliver an apex of crunchiness. Oh, and did we mention “Baci '' actually means kiss in Italian? So, with Baci by Perugina, you will be giving your sweetest kisses! What more can you ask for?

Source: Baci Perugina

Okay, we might be biased, but can it get better than luxury Italian chocolate? Well, maybe it can! The assorted praline selection by Comptoir Du Cacao is here to prove just that. The family-run artisanal chocolatier brand has been creating jaw-dropping chocolate treats ever since 2001. By blending centuries-old expertise of French chocolate-making with unique flavors, Comptoir Du Cacao offers bold aromas, exquisite looks, and a perfectly delicious flavor mood for celebrations. In this eye-catching gift box, you’re destined to meet and probably fall in love with four different types of milk and dark chocolate pralines each. French gourmet chocolate squares are topped with various add-ins, such as hazelnut, pistachio, salted butter caramel, and dried berry flakes. And, an abundance of choices look prettier than one would expect before opening a box - even just looks are convincing enough, right?! So, if you’re determined to claim the title of the best gift-giver of all times in the chocolate-connoisseurs world, luxury French chocolate pralines by Comptoir Du Cacao are your secret weapon, worthy of adding to your cart right now.

Source: Comptoir Du Cacao

Next on our list is glamorous French chocolate truffles with raspberry macaron chips by, one and only, Mathez! The French brand is revered for its exquisite flavor melding, capable of pleasantly shocking even the most demanding chocolate lovers. With nearly centuries-old expertise, Mathez has become instantly recognized and the leading producer of the finest French chocolate truffles in the country. So, if you’re looking for something that will put on a delectable show, even with just elegant packaging, here you have it. The fruity gourmet creation marries premium quality chocolate ganache with pieces of raspberry macaron cookies and demonstrates how match made in chocolatier heaven tastes like. Superlative in their deliciousness, French chocolate truffles are something that's going to stay with you and that lucky person you bring yourself to share them with forever!

And, let’s finish off with the ultimate classic Valentine's chocolate heart box for your heartthrob - welcome an eye-catchingly red Lindor milk truffle box by Lindt! The fabled company hails from Switzerland, and with more than 150 years of experience under its belt, stands as one of the revered chocolatier names in Europe. Premium quality guaranteed Lindt heart box is packed with finely crafted milk chocolate truffles - enclosed with an irresistible hard shell, but deep inside lay smooth chocolate fillings, ready to melt even ice-cold hearts! Lindt’s chocolate gift box is the ideal choice if you’re thinking about arranging a customized gift box with, maybe, a bottle of wine, flowers, or classy jewelry!


Source: Lindt

We hope we made it easier choosing a thoughtful and delicious token of love to win Valentine's Day! It’s true, there are countless ways to express love, but does anything really say “I love you” just like luxury gourmet chocolate prettified with tasty toppings or designer packaging? Nothing comes to our mind! The delicious indulgences will make irresistible gifts for chocolate lovers, and not only! So, get your hands on French gourmet pralines or Italian classics, get in the mood for love, and celebrate like a connoisseur!

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