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We all have that one cherished treat that brings us back to our dearest moments, maybe even to our early childhoods, with just a single bite. Some even say flavors become one with the most cherished recollections, and just a morsel is enough to transport us back to those days!

It turns out it’s our olfactory system that takes us down sweet memory lane since it has a stronger potential to call up memories. So, it’s all thanks to our nose, not to the taste buds - sorry! Whenever we smell a particular scent dear to our heart, our happiest memories start to pop up, lighting up the olfactory bulb in our brains, which also triggers the hippocampus - its nearest neighbor. While we’re sure it serves some kind of evolutionary purpose, other than making us happy, we’re more than pleased that our brains are wired that way - with just a faint smell, we’re five all over again, sitting cozy in our grandma’s lap without a care in the world!

Now you know why our childhood favorite candies or cookies are so much more indulgent than other goodies in our pantry, and, lucky for you, you’re about to meet one more treat to add to your happy memories jar (yep, it’s never too late to discover your new perennial favorites)!  

Millions around the world, and we’re being humble assuming this number, say it’s one of the cookies from the extensive assortment of LU’s that is capable of delivering those nostalgic feelings all over again! LU’s cookies are recognizable not only for their buttery taste and enchanting aroma but the shapes, looks, and one-of-a-kind textures that have been carefully crafted nearly two centuries ago. LU’s cookies have even become the signature treat of Nantes. But, they are equally loved by everyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting breathtaking France and pairing a cup of black coffee with French butter cookies made by the beloved brand.

LU french cookies

The legendary LU has become synonymous with the finest quality, long-standing traditions, and, most importantly, unparalleled flavors of classic or/and unique French butter cookies. And, we take, it’s our culinary duty to dedicate this blog to LU and explore 5 of the best French dainties by the brand, so you know where to get the honed treats from!

Little More About LU

Iconic LU biscuits were introduced in 1850 - that’s when a family business was born out of the culinary virtuosity of Monsieur LeFevre and Mademoiselle Utile. It’s easy to spot where the name came from, isn’t it?! One of the greatest success stories of the French food market started as a teeny-tiny start-up in Nantes, and now, more than 170 years later, it has become an instantly recognizable symbol of the town, too. Thankfully, Jean-Romain Lefèvre and his wife, Pauline-Isabelle Utile, sharing a passion for baking, were generous enough to share their irresistible creations, myriads of unique French butter biscuits with the rest of the world, too.

Initially, the talented couple sold their dreamy creations straight from the oven in their patisserie, but quickly enough, only four years after the opening, LU opened the second shop and became the talk of the town. Nantes became an irreplaceable part of the brand’s identity, too, finding a home on LU’s luxury metal tins and packages during the 1890s. This was Monsieur LeFevre’s way of paying homage to the city that brought up his humble beginnings and helped LU to blossom into a worldwide success.

LU’s goodies are available in more than 100 countries around the globe, so it’s needless to say that French cookies have become one of the staple feel-good treats loved for myriad reasons. And, we’re ready to introduce 5 of LU’s most popular biscuits from our selection, tell you more about how they came about, and maybe even let you in on the culinary secret behind their unmatched flavor mood, too.

Our 5 All-Time Favorite LU Cookies

Of course, we have to start with the superstar - it’s LU’s Petit Beurre biscuits at the top of our list. The legendary treat from the renowned French brand that even has a separate Wikipedia page dedicated to its glory! The fabled French cookies are dated back to 1886 when Monsieur LeFevre decided to create one more unique product for the brand. Petit Beurre, also known as Véritable Petit Beurre biscuits, look humble, and that’s what makes them stand out in the cookie crowd. Flat, crunchy, and simply golden Petit Beurre cookies are Monsieur LeFevre’s original rendition of classic butter cookies that were especially popular in Brittany at that time. They are light, and sweetness is ever-so-slight, too; however, these one-of-a-kind delights still manage to top the list of every cookie-lover once they get a taste!

Many tried to replicate their flavor and even looks, too - a perfectly square Petit Beurre cookie has 24 indents on the surface, ten teeth marking around the edges in width, 14 in length, and four bigger ones at the corners. So, 52 in total! Why 52, you ask? Some think Monsieur LeFevre has thought everything through - while 24 indents represent a day, the 52 markings should be interpreted as a year. So, the culinary mastermind was subtly telling us that these delights can be enjoyed at any time of the day all year round! If you’re intrigued, and we know you are, you know just where to find butter Petit Beurre cookies!

Petit Beurre cookie by LU

In our eye-catching collection of LU’s biscuits, you will find one more cookie masterpiece of the famous French brand - it’s Prince that is about to steal your heart, so get prepared. Prince biscuits are dated back to the early 1600s; however, we doubt they were nearly as delicious as the French rendition. LU’s Prince biscuits are stunner cookie sandwiches with the finest quality chocolate filling. The biscuits are the perfect combination of light and crunchy at the same time, so they effortlessly double as excellent breakfast treats and afternoon snacks at the same time. The beloved Prince biscuits are rich in grains, so they taste even more delectable when dunked into a warm glass of milk - that’s when the fun part comes!

Prince cookies by LU

Lulu La Barquettes are next on the list - enticing-looking tender treats that taste even more so! Some say it’s the middle ground of pastry and cookies, and we say - thanks, LU! We can’t think of a better thing to indulge ourselves on slow Sunday mornings. The signature LU goodies are boat-shaped, spongy cookies with various tempting fillings. The mouth-wateringly delicious strawberry La Barquettes are one of the ultimate favorites of LU-lovers around the world, and we get exactly why! They are inspired by Tartlets - a teeny-tiny version of classic French tartlet. And, they are as versatile as cookies get - you can use them as a garnish, in a crust for your dessert, or a quick on-the-go pick-me-up!

Strawberry La Barquettes by LU

We can’t go on without mentioning the famous Pepito - smiley-face crispy cookie! However, they say there’s a dark side to everything, and Pepito is not an exception: behind the grain-packed smiling face, there’s a suspiciously addictive layer of luscious milk chocolate side. The French favorite carries well-balanced sweetness not to overpower palates and pairs with your diet effortlessly. While LU’s Pepito cookies are perfectly moreish on their own, they make a great addition to your cuppa joe and hot chocolate. Even without a nostalgia trip, just one glance at smiling Pepito cookies (or a bite) is all that it takes to make your taste buds feel the instant excitement of finding new staples for afternoon snacking marathons!

Pepito and chocolate cookies by LU

And, finally, it’s time for the last name on the list, which by no means is the least of the fantastic five we’ve gathered here. Granola cookie is a unique take on classic LU chocolate cookies: the French masterminds have opted for a sable base instead of standard cookie dough. It’s butter-rich and pliable dough that can be shaped into tarts, pastry shells, and whatever else you desire. Sable is sand for french, so you have to expect sandy texture and well-balanced sweetness from the sable base used in the recipe. The tempting base is covered with premium quality milk chocolate to quell any cravings with just a morsel. So, it’s needless to say - LU’s chocolate biscuits are like no other.

Now You Know Where to Buy Lu Cookies; It’s Time to Pick Your Favorite!

As always, we’re at your service when it comes to getting your hands on iconic French butter cookies and more from LU. The delicious dainties from France are not that common in your regular corner shop, right?! So, feel free to take your time scrolling through our delectable selection of French cookies to discover your childhood or new favorites. And, if you’re new to them, we’ve already devised a handy guide to all the quintessential French cookies every foodie should try. So, chop-chop, your cookie jar is dying asking you for French glamor!

All The Pictures Are Sourced From LU.


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