Il Fiorista dining tables

As one would expect from the birthplace of red sauce cuisine, all five boroughs of NYC are abundantly packed with Italian restaurants! While it might be a little too much, somehow even an overwhelming task, choosing your favorite whenever you have to quell your cravings for a little bit of Italy, we’re ready to make that a cinch for you. We’re sure you’re familiar with old-school tried-and-tested spots, so we’ve got a scrumptious surprise just for you, epicurean with a taste of fine Italian food. The breath of fresh air on the fine dining scene - Il Fiorista, is an Italian restaurant (and, oh, so much more) that manages to stand out from the boroughs’ standard red-sauce spots, and, today you’re going to read all about it!

The soothingly luminous Il Fiorista was created in 2019 to showcase and celebrate the beauty of nature in every way imaginable. Once you step inside the enchanting luster of “the Florist,” you will be greeted with the inspiriting ambiance of freshly cut flower arrangements towering over tables - doing a terrific job of preparing you for the irresistible aromas, flavors, and atmosphere that’s bound to stick with you for days to come! There’s so much to love about Il Fiorista, a multi-purpose space in NoMad that combines an exquisite Italian restaurant, floral boutique, and educational center all in one. By conducting workshops regarding bouquet-making or culinary uses of flowers, Il Fiorista fosters a culture of incorporating a bit of spring with their stunning edible blooms into your daily life. Needless to say, the signature flowers find a home in every carefully-crafted dish and drink on the menu of Il Fiorista’s restaurant, too.

Il Fiorista dining tables

Source: Il Fiorista

Stepping inside the bright, welcoming space of Il Fiorista feels like a dreamy passageway to gourmet heaven, and the ribbed glass picture window near the bar lets you glimpse back into the boisterous life of NYC with an Alpine Spritz in your hand. The odds are, the Fiorista table in the main dining room adorned with minimalistic paintings on the wall (by the artist Leanne Shapton) will be packed, but private greenhouses for outdoor brunch or dinner will always be at your service. However, if you’re looking for ways of taking your family gatherings or celebrations up an elegant notch, the spacious and private Flower Room is exactly what you should be aiming for. It’s the perfect place to take out-of-town guests for to-die-for Mediterranean aromas and so much more that awaits to lure you inside the soothing floral cocoon.

Il Fiorista flowers and cocktails

Source: Il Fiorista

It’s unfair to put Il Fiorista into boxes by referring to it as a restaurant since it’s so much more - fine food extravaganza and floral boutique-spectacle of a sort. However, our standing ovation goes not only to an undeniably unique and beautifully-executed conceptual space but to the meticulously delicious menu, too, that keeps on changing just like seasonal winds. Jaw-droppingly delicious and unexpected gourmet pairings are exactly what we’re after! We just hope we won’t ever have to choose between bison short rib with cherry rosehip or roast root vegetables with fennel pollen yogurt - we’d just freeze on the spot. It’s impossible! Brunch or dinner, one thing is clear: with just a morsel of Il Fiorista’s goodness crafted under the direction of the executive chef - Rae Kramer, you’ll feel the meeting point of unmatched Mediterranean culinary legacy and a lightness of flora, transforming your day into a flavorful celebration.  

When you boil everything down, the expertise of your favorite Italian restaurant always comes down to the freshly-made pasta dish, or it might just be our sworn allegiance to it. No matter the case, based on the refreshing Pappardelle with lemon and Pecorino or even buckwheat Cavatelli on the menu, Il Fiorista earns itself a place on the list for must-visit spots. Come on, once you see the sharply dressed server walking your way with a steamy plate of elegantly dissipating aroma off of your pasta dish, there’s nothing that can weigh you down, right?! Yet, regardless of what it is you’re indulging in, the unmatched sophistication of Italian excellence will definitely get you two kisses on the cheeks!

Restaurant-Caliber Just at Home, Too!

Lucky for us, Il Fiorista is generous enough to share its culinary secrets with foodies of Yummy Bazaar, as you might have already guessed by sneaking through our carefully curated selection. To take your weeknight date specials or everyday menu to the next level, Il Fiorista has created its very own Italian-pantry essentials, everything from herbs and salt to pasta sauces and bruschetta toppings for your pleasure. By sustainably sourcing the finest quality raw ingredients and using recyclable and compostable packaging whenever possible, Il Fiorista prides itself on making small changes, taking one step at a time to help our planet.

So, if you’re looking for delicious ways of enlivening everyday ho-hum dinner or want to recreate the marvelous melding of flavors savored in the restaurant, our digital shelf of Il Fiorista’s goodies is where you should be headed right now. To give you a quick rundown, we’ve gathered some of our favorites from the collection - so exemplary that you might need to brace yourself.

Il Fiorista bruschetta topping

Source: Il Fiorista

Let’s start with antipasto, a traditional Italian before-the-meal course, typically consisting of light bites, cured meats, various cheeses, and, of course, bruschetta. It’s true; it only takes a couple of ingredients to build up a fabled appetizer of grilled Italian bread, a drizzle of olive oil, and simple toppings. However, it’s not as simple as it might sound or look. Bruschetta has centuries of old history under its belt, and if we dig even deeper, it might even be dated back to Ancient Rome. So, if this doesn’t convince you that there’s something great going on, we don’t know what else will. Oh, wait, we do - with the rich tomato topping concoction by Il Fiorista, you’ll be able to add a little bit of summer to your antipasto course in a breeze. Made according to classic Italian recipes, the brand has crafted a perfectly simple yet flavorful product capable of brightening up your party-bruschetta platter or even quick morning sandwiches. The simple blend of diced Italian tomatoes, premium quality EVOO and seasonings craft the ultimate pantry staple. Before we move on to the first course, you should also meet red pepper bruschetta topping by Il Fiorista - made with both sweet and hot peppers, so it has depth and breadth of juxtaposing flavors at once. It’s a surprising rendition of a classic appetizer, bound to add gloss and gourmet to your creations.

Il Fiorista products
Source: Il Fiorista

After witnessing the uplifting triumph of antipasto, time calls for the Primo - the first course of typical Italian dinner, traditionally featuring rice, soup, or pasta dish. And, if you’re opting for the latter, Il Fiorista has taken care of everything. The brand has created a juicy Italian favorite - classic tomato pasta sauce with basil, ideal for adding arrays of unique flavors with just a spoonful or two. Feel free to bathe your pasta generously in an eye-catching red concoction and dig in! Don’t forget quaint marinated mushrooms if you’re looking for forever earthy undertones. We guarantee carefully selected champignon, sheathed woodtuft, and straw mushrooms will be just what you need.

pasta dish with Il Fiorista pasta sauce

Source: Il Fiorista

For a stay-at-home date night, you might want to share Italian excellence, so Parmigiano Reggiano pasta sauce for your pasta noodles will be an undeniable must-have! We’re sure your DIY date menu will be executed with a deft hand, but even if you mess up, there’s nothing Il Fiorista’s supremely delicious add-in can’t save. Top your hearty plate of pasta with tiny leaves for a hat, and enjoy the romantic night in with a blast of Italiana from fine food experts!

pasta noodles with Il Fiorista sauce

Source: Il Fiorista

So, whenever going out isn’t an option, you can always bring supremely delicious flavors of Il Fiorista right to your table! From Italian bruschetta toppings to classic Basilico pasta sauce, we’re sure; even after just a test run, you will find more and more reasons to thank those at Il Fiorista responsible for creating these miracle-goodies. And, remember, for more, you can stroll down our Italian food online store and Buon Appetito!


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