Top 10 of Our Favorite Milka Chocolate Bars You Need to Try

You’ve probably heard before that certain colors have the ability to evoke certain emotions in us. While there is no way to generalize a theory as subjective as that on every single human being, there is one color that’s guaranteed to bring joy to every chocoholic around the globe - if you haven’t guessed already, that color is none other than the Milka purple itself - shade as delicate as the product it’s associated with.

Milka was officially established in 1901, although the recipes and techniques that the brand’s product was based on date back to 1826 when Philippe Suchard started producing Suchard Chocolate in Switzerland. So our favorite chocolate brand is almost two hundred years old at this point, which explains the unbeatable quality - they’ve obviously had quite a while to perfect their craft! Not to mention, their use of 100% Alpine milk doesn’t hurt either!

And while premium-quality German chocolate is a thing of wonders that all of us adore, over the years, Milka has introduced some of the most creative, decadent, and desirable flavors on the market, therefore managing to improve upon perfection! However, there’s a downside to having all of the mouthwatering options of Milka chocolate bars to choose from. What should you do when it comes to decadent treats - should you go for familiar tastes you know you love, or should you risk it and try something new? What if we told you that doing both at the same time was also an option? We can see your confusion through the barrier of time and space! Don’t worry, our plan is actually a lot more plausible than it might sound at first. If you’ve ever stood in front of your grocery store’s candy aisle, wondering which Milka chocolate bar is the best, here is our list of the top 10 Milka flavors that are both familiar and exciting, and you’re guaranteed to love!

Is there a combination more classic? Chocolate and hazelnuts - what more could a chocoholic dream of! And while this combo probably works pretty well in just about any form, it’s never more indulgent and exquisite than in this case! When Milka’s delicate, silky smooth chocolate mixes with nutty flavors and the crunchy texture of hazelnuts, a miracle occurs! And your pantry should not go without said miracle a second longer! Make sure to get your hands on Milka milk chocolate with hazelnuts as quickly as possible, and have a piece or two (or ten) whenever you feel like snacking on utter perfection!

9. Milka Hazelnut Noisette

Everything we said about the impeccable combination of chocolate and hazelnuts in the previous paragraph still stands; however, in this case, we’re focusing on how similar textures can be just as complementary as the juxtaposing ones! Sure, we tend to crave variety in our foods, but smoothness suits chocolate incredibly well! Don’t believe us? Try Milka hazelnut Noisette chocolate bar and see for yourself! It’s rich, creamy, decadent, and unbelievably delicious. Let each cube melt on your tongue and enjoy every morsel of joy brought by premium-grade chocolate!

8. Milka Whole Hazelnut & Nougat Cream

You probably saw this coming a mile away. First, texture clashes, then combinations - all revolving around the same pairing of flavors - it’s only fitting to conclude our hazelnut journey with a perfect balance between our previous contenders. Milka whole hazelnut and nougat cream chocolate is the silver lining you’ve been looking for! It’s creamy, yet crunchy; rich yet light; sweet yet nutty, and just about everything else that’s good in this world! So if you were confused about which hazelnut and chocolate combo to go for, this is your ideal option! It’s the best of both worlds - and you’re guaranteed to fall in love at first bite!

7. Milka Caramel Milk Chocolate

You did not expect this list to conclude without one of the most renowned classics, did you? Milka caramel milk chocolate is one of those tastes we used to enjoy as kids and still love as adults while simultaneously being amazed all over again each time we get our hands on a bar or two! No matter how much caramel-filled chocolate you’ve eaten in your life, as soon as rich goodness starts to ooze out of the most delicate alpine-milk chocolate, you’re bound to be blown away; there is simply no other choice!

And if you’re not sure what consistency you prefer your caramel to be, you should definitely give Milka triple caramel chocolate a go - where each square holds a surprise of its own!

6. Milka Yogurt-Filled Milk Chocolate

Some people might disagree with this particular choice; however, we firmly stand by the belief that Milka’s sweet and delicate chocolate pairs exceptionally well with a slight refreshing tang of yogurt! Whether it’s classic Milka yogurt-filled chocolate or even more intricate strawberry yogurt chocolate, the combination just works - as plain and simple as that! And you can eat a lot more of these tasty treats without feeling all sugared-out cause they are a lot lighter and provide a lot more diversity of flavors! So, if you’re after a chocolate bar as light as a cloud, buy Milka yogurt-filled chocolate online and indulge in your favorite tastes without leaving the comfort of your home! (Pick out a good movie to watch in the meantime!)

5. Milka Dark Chocolate

We know dark chocolate is a point of contention for a lot of people, which is precisely why we placed Milka Dark Chocolate at the midpoint of our list. If you happen to love slightly more bitter aromas in your treats, you’ve probably already tried this iteration of German dark chocolate - however - even if you don’t tend to like it in general, you should give Milka a go! Their variation of dark chocolate is unlike anything else you’ve ever had! The luxurious character of the alpine milk manages to ease you into the deep and intriguing flavors of premium quality cocoa beans, and their combination creates something everyone’s bound to fall in love with! If there’s one product that can finish the neverending war between dark and milk chocolate lovers, it’s definitely this one!

4. Milka XXL Oreo Chocolate Bar

I mean… Come on! Just look at it! Do you really have doubts about loving Milka XXL Oreo chocolate bar? Smooth chocolate, gloriously rich Oreo filling, and crunchy cookie mix sandwiched between the two? Sign. Us. Up! Milka XXL bars already look inviting enough to make you want to sink your teeth into them as soon as possible, but when combined with Oreos? It leaves the stratosphere and flies right out of this world! We promise you, these bars are irresistible - and we should know, we’ve definitely made a significant dent in our stock of Milka Oreo chocolate bars (but don’t tell anyone)!

3. Milka XXL Schoko & Keks

Yup, now that we started thinking about Milka XXL bars, we can’t seem to stop! And none of them are quite as exquisitely balanced and simultaneously abundant as Milka XXL Schoko & Keks, a.k.a cookie milk chocolate bars! The concept is pretty similar to the Oreo bars; however, the difference in the cookie filling makes this impeccable product what it is! Creamy and smooth chocolate combined with buttery, crumbly, enticing cookie mix - what more could we dream of! From height to flavor and flair - these bars have it all! And that’s precisely why they take the bronze medal in this very stiff competition!

2. Milka Chocolate with Tuc Biscuits

While we love extravagant combinations, some undoubtable truths remain constant! And one of the most irrefutable facts of the culinary world is the notion that sweet and salty pair like nothing else! Add some crunchy and smooth texture combinations as well, and you get the incomparable Milka chocolate with Tuc biscuits! Sure, we’ve left quite a few bolder, more noticeable contenders behind, but that’s simply because, every now and then, straightforward pairings just work unlike anything else, no matter how elaborate! And this impeccable German chocolate bar is definitely one of those cases!

And now, the coveted first spot and the title of the best Milka chocolate bar goes to…

1. Milka Bubbly Alpine Milk Chocolate

Try as we might, nothing compares to the one and only classic - Milka alpine chocolate! Especially when it’s been made even lighter, more delicate, and decadent by the bubbles of air speckling your soon-to-be favorite chocolate bar! Nowhere do the contributions of the 100% Alpine milk shine through more clearly than in each bar of Milka bubbly Alpine milk chocolate! Each bite feels like you’re dancing on cloud nine while Rubinstein plays one of Chopin’s unforgettable waltzes! Yes, this one can make you feel THAT fancy! Not to mention, it’s got one of the most sensational textures you’ll ever experience! So if you decide to pass on one flavor today, make sure it’s not Alpine milk chocolate! Trust us, you’ll be missing out big time! Stock up on these indulgent treats as efficiently as you can, because they’re guaranteed to run out quickly!

Where to buy Milka chocolate, you asked?!

If at this point you’re not already itching to get your hands on one of these impeccable chocolate bars, we don’t know what else to tell you - you’re either not a big fan of chocolate (which baffles us to no end) or have better self-control than any of us (which would not be as surprising, since when it comes to Milka, our self-control is pretty much non-existent)! However, if you ARE wondering where to buy Milka chocolate online, you’ve come to the right place! You can stock up on all of your favorite delights right here, on Yummy Bazaar, and we’ll deliver it all to your door! Also, on orders over $59, we offer free shipping, and if there ever was a reason to make use of that offer, it’s definitely now, when you have at least ten different flavors of premium German chocolate to try! You can also browse our selection of Milka and tell us where you think we went wrong - we’ll probably disagree, but hey, there is no such thing as bad Milka chocolate, so we don’t have all that much to argue over anyway!

Very few sensations manage to hold as much childhood nostalgia as our beloved chocolate flavors do. So go ahead, peruse our digital shelves and find tastes that remind you of the most careless times of your life, while simultaneously offering you to make brand new memories through each and every bite! Buy Milka chocolate online & make your past and future collide!


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