Top 10 Italian Cookies You Have To Try

Ever wonder what the most delicious cookie in the world must taste like? Well, you have come to the right place because we here at Yummy Bazaar are now sharing our top 10 Italian cookies you have to try. It is surely a struggle to decide which ones deserve a place on our list as Italian cookies are all too delicious. However, you might notice a pattern here, all of our choices are by Mulino Bianco, and that’s not a coincidence. Mulino Bianco is admitted as the ‘Italian know-how’ symbol for their baking skills and 140 years of experience. They know how to bring authentic flavors of Italy through crunchy, chocolaty, nutty, jammy cookies! Get ready to fill your empty tummies and cookie-jars.


1. Pan di Stelle

Drumroll, please!!!

I don’t think any of you are surprised that Pan di Stelle takes the crown. Meaning ‘Bakery of the Stars’, they are indeed unearthly, drops from heaven. These chocolate-flavored cookies are out of this world! The iced-sugar stars that beautifully align on the Pan di Stelle bites make these rich cocoa treats even more magical and exciting! Generously dip some in your drink or assemble an ice-cream sandwich for a unique Italian dessert!


2. Baiocchi

Nearly there! The irresistibly delicious Italian cookies with a smooth, even layer of delicate hazelnut and cacao cream in between, making them fuller and even more indulgent, takes second place on our list. Mulino Bianco’s Baiocchi cookies are perfectly round flavorful biscuits that radiate warm Italian energy! These mouth-watering Italian cookies can be enjoyed as a quick, time-saving breakfast as well as an original party-snack.


3. Meno Grassi

Down to our top three! Meno Grassi, in a graceful third place, are the tasty and crunchy Italian shortbread cookies we all need! Made using high-quality oatmeal, barley, and chocolate chips, they are the ideal comfort snack. Appreciate these superb Italian cookies with your favorite drink, hot or cold. Don’t forget you can also easily carry them in your bag to enjoy Italy’s flavors from a light and compact package.



4. Gran Cereale Chocolate Cookies

Our number 4 is Gran Cereale Chocolate Cookies, the absolute best way to kick-start your busy days in a sweet, nutritious, and positive way. These Italian cookies that are named ‘Great Cereal’ are indeed amazing breakfast cookies, including an unforgettable combination of cocoa and hazelnut flavors. So stack your cupboards; you will never have to think of what to have for breakfast ever again!


5. Gemme Cookies

Half-way there! At number 5, we meet Mulino Bianco’s flower-cut cookies that are filled with soft, aromatic, orange-colored apricot jam. Is your tummy rumbling yet? These floral biscuits are bound to become your favorite dessert. To help you stop your sweet-cravings dip your Italian Gemme cookies in a hot mug of coffee or tea, and once you’re done, get re-stocking because they will need more!

6. Abbracci

We are slowly getting closer to our number one Italian cookie, but at 6th place, we have Abbracci. Italian cookies created using part fresh cream, part rich cocoa. They are two-colored, originally shaped Italian biscottis that are there for you every morning to give your sweet-tooth some love. Enjoy during your lunch break and share with your friends as sharing makes everything more enjoyable! Don’t be afraid to pair our 6th favorite Italian cookie with some hot cocoa to enjoy a piece of sunny Italy.


7. Setembrini

Setembrini - meaning September in Italian, is our next pick for the top 10 Italian cookies. These Italian cookies are filled with ripe, chewy, sugary figs that result in soft and delicate treats. Mulino Bianco’s mouth-watering shortbreads are ideal for jam-lovers, as the golden biscuit offers a pleasant surprise of velvety fig-jam on the inside. Transport yourselves and appreciate the delicious notes of Italy from a single pack of cookies.

8. Macine

A very well-deserved 8th place goes to Macine, the simple yet delicious vanilla cookie baked using fresh cream. These ring-shaped Italian cookies are ideal for morning breakfasts or pick-me-up snacks. Serve an exciting treat for your children by pairing some of these aromatic Italian cookies with yogurt, jam, or your choice of spread. Best enjoyed when shared with friends and loved ones, but we understand if you want to keep them all to yourselves. We’ve been there!



9. Tarallucci

Next up are Tarallucci cookies! These Italian cookies are prepared using fresh free-range eggs to create the light and shortcrust pastry that it has. Tarallucci are beautifully round classic Italian cookies that have a windmill depicted on their surface, which is incredibly symbolic as their name Mulino Bianco means a White Mill. They’re as tasty as they are beautiful. It can’t get any more Italian than that!




10. Canestrini

So here we go! We are starting off strong with Mulino Bianco’s magical creation called - Canestrini. These are perfectly cut-out flower-shaped vanilla treats, covered in a light layer of white icing-sugar that makes them even more enchanting and fairy-like. Baked following a simple recipe Mulino Bianco’s Canestrini cookies are an authentic taste of Italy! Pair with a hot drink of your choice and indulge in these sweet and buttery treats after a long busy day.



So there we go. We apologize for making you hungry, but we have got your back! Be sure to shop at Yummy Bazaar to get your favorite Italian cookies delivered straight to your doorstep. Get shopping, Buon appetito!

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