The 411 on Italian 00 Flour: Uses, Recipes & Where to Buy

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of shopping for women’s clothes (if not, lucky you!), then you’ll understand exactly what we mean when we say that sometimes non-universal markings can be extremely confusing! You’re a size S in one store, L in the other, and Z in the one after that cause they’ve decided to adopt a new sizing system altogether!

Standing in front of a seemingly never ending flour lane at the grocery store can evoke pretty similar feelings! From German wheat flour type 1050 to American pumpernickel and the countless variations of Grades 2, 1, 0, 00… It seems like flour should be a bit more straightforward, doesn’t it? Well, with a bit of helpful information, it can be. As long as you make sure to get your hands on a couple of essentials, you’ll be good to go! No more need to wander aimlessly between isles of gargantuan proportions, worrying about whether or not other people can tell that you’ve got absolutely no idea what to do (don’t worry, they don’t either). But you have to make sure that Italian type 00 flour is one of those essentials! And here’s why.

Italian 00 flour is the “softest” flour, which essentially means that it’s been very finely ground and has the least possible amount of bran left in it. Similarly, grade 2 flour is the coarsest one - “hard” flour - that we call wholewheat, and grades 1 and 0 hover somewhere in-between. The 00 flour has its low starch and gluten content to thank for the ultimate pizza and pasta flour title. It’s predominantly these two factors (or lack thereof) that make for silky smooth doughs with a very little elasticity - and if the dough doesn’t stretch a lot, it’s guaranteed to result in a chewy product with a good bite - precisely what we want in our carby Italian classics! Thus, all you’ll need for perfectly smooth homemade doughs is the right kind of 00 (without the 7, though).

And, if at this point you’re already wondering where to buy Italian 00 flour, you’re precisely where you need to be! The only question that remains now is - what are you planning on making this weekend? We might have a few suggestions!

Homemade Pizza With a Gourmet Twist?

Pizza doughs might seem a lot harder to make than they actually are. In reality, if you’ve got the right ingredients, you’re halfway there to making the most scrumptious homemade classic of all! Arm your pantry with Molino Grassi all-purpose Italian 00 flour or the incomparable Divella 00 type pizza flour, and you’ll be all set to go! Follow our homemade pizza dough recipe for a base that will char and crisp up in all the right places, resulting in chewy, delicious dough rivaled only by the best Italian pizzerias, and plan a dinner of your dreams! Whip up a big batch of dough, invite your loved ones, choose your toppings wisely, and have a pizza party with a bit of friendly competition sprinkled in!

While everyone else is busy arguing whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not, you could make sure to get the upper hand by following our Neapolitan-inspired gourmet pizza recipe. We are absolutely not urging you to cheat, but we can also promise never to tell anyone if you did…

Fresh pasta with a make-shift parmesan topping?

While we’ve already shared with you a recipe for the exquisite homemade pasta using the incomparable Polselli 00 flour, we’ve got a little culinary secret from Italian nonnas that you’ve got to try!

Yes, Parmigiano Reggiano might be the ultimate pasta topping unbeatable by any other flavor, but it was also a luxury during the more challenging times of Italian history. And that’s precisely when the culinary genius of Italian nonnas shone the brightest! To make decadent dishes out of fancy ingredients is easy enough, but to create flavors that bring joy out of only the most basic of pantry staples - that’s the true marking of an ingenious home-cook! So, nonnas came up with Pangrattato - pan-fried breadcrumbs that resemble the flavors and the texture of grated parmesan and make for an incredible topping for a myriad of pasta dishes! With a little help from pre-made breadcrumbs, garlic olive oil, and some dried thyme, you can create unbelievably delicious pangrattato and enjoy your dairy-free pasta dishes freely! Just follow our recipe for vegan tagliatelle with Pangrattato and sun-dried tomatoes, and discover the ultimate midweek meal that’s both convenient and delicious!

How about a Sicilian-style rolled cake with a ricotta filling for dessert?

Get your hands on Divella type 00 flour for cakes as quickly as possible! Why? Well, summer’s around the corner, and you’re going to need to make the most decadent ricotta roll with a citrusy twist to keep you refreshed throughout the impossibly hot days ahead. It’s light, bright, tangy, and with just a hint of modern cooking sprinkled in for good measure. So bake up a storm and fuse two incomparable culinary worlds by adding a generous dash of Albert Menes French orange zest to your classically Italian ricotta filling. The final result is guaranteed to be not only delicious but an utterly perfect match for your summer afternoon tea parties and weekend picnics! Just follow our recipe and let the mischievously zesty flavors lift your spirits!

You see, when we said Italian 00 flour was versatile, we meant every word! As long as you’re not afraid of culinary experiments and a bit of improvisation, it can take you from breakfast to lunch and from dinner to the most decadent dessert in a blink of an eye. So pick your one true pairings from Yummy Bazaar’s colorful digital shelves and enjoy the many shades of premium quality Italian flour delivered straight to your door!

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