Top 10 French Cookies You’ve Been Missing Out On

What is the first image that pops into your head when you hear the words French cookies? We’re assuming it’s either macaroons, madeleines, or, even though they’re not really cookies, croissants - cause it’s always croissants, isn’t it? We hear French and voila! Our minds magically conjure up the images of the most appetizing croissants that ever were!

However, French cuisine isn’t renowned for its confectionery genius just because of those few delights. While utterly impeccable, two or three fabulous creations would hardly be enough to grant French desserts their legendary status, would it? Which means we’ve probably been missing out on quite a few exquisite baked goods and have some serious amendments to make! And if you haven’t heard, where there’s a cookie-related talk to be had, Yummy Bazaar’s foodies magically appear as if summoned as well! So, we’re here to present our list of the most unjustly underappreciated French biscuits that all of us have been sleeping on - rise and shine, cookie monsters, there’s some decadence afoot!

10. Eventail Dentelle - Fan Wafers by Gavottes

Crunchy, crispy, buttery, decadent, and versatile - is there anything we could ever want from a wafer? These exquisite treats are quite moreish on their own but become infinitely better when combined with ice cream! Trust us when we say, if you pair Gavottes fan wafers with a bowl of soft-serve ice cream in a fashion similar to chip-n-dip, you’ll never go back to less messy desserts! Due to not being the most embellished of treats, these mouthwatering delights have often gone unnoticed and undeservingly so! They’ve definitely earned their place on this list and in your pantry! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

9. Barquette Cookies with Apricot Jam by LU

Rich, buttery, crumbly, and filled with refreshingly zingy jams? Um, yes, please, sign us up! LU makes some of the best French cookies on the market, but even among their stunning selection, barquette biscuits stand out! These treats don’t need a pairing - they work perfectly well on their own (I mean, you could drizzle some nut butter on top to create a reinvented PB&J situation, but to be fair, that goes far beyond perfection).

Barquette pastry has been an essential part of French cuisine for a while now. And even though it comes in a myriad of different flavors with unique fillings, to nobody’s surprise, we are partial towards sweeter iterations. And, well, does anything ever truly beat a cookie? Is that where the phrase “tough cookie” comes from? Probably not, that would be silly… Wait, where were we again? 

Oh, right, drumroll for number eight!

8.Galettes by St.Michel

When we tell you that trying St. Michel’s caramel butter galettes for the first time felt an awful lot like a spiritual experience, we are not exaggerating even the tiniest bit! They crumble and melt in your mouth into layers upon layers of impeccable flavors, and somehow manage to feel both familiar AND brand new! Perfect with a chilled glass of milk or a hot cup of tea - if there ever were a quintessential French cookie, it would probably be galettes - simplicity elevated to the level of complete flawlessness; what more is there to ask?!

7. Chamonix Cookies by LU

While oftentimes in life, the idea of “what you see is what you get” might be true, it’s certainly not the case with Chamonix orange cookies from LU. Sure, they look like squishy, soft, mouthwateringly decadent treats, and they definitely deliver on all of these assumptions, but they’re also so much more. The first thing you notice as you bite into a beautifully golden-brown Chamonix cookie is the texture - it’s unlike anything else - you know how the best of Bach’s music makes you feel like you’re dancing on top of clouds? Yes, it’s kinda like that! And then, as soon as the zesty and bright orange filling hits, the entire world seems to become infinitely better! And isn’t that pretty much what we all want from our favorite sweet treats?

6. Sandwich Cookies - All of Them!

Whether it’s LU’s chocolate-filled Prince cookies or the most positive treats known to humanity that are BN cookies, two biscuits stacked on top of each other harboring an impeccable filling is an unbeatable combination that works every time! Sure, Oreos are great, but until you’ve tried these French iterations, you haven’t really become acquainted with the genius of sandwich cookies. Dip them in milk, have a couple (of packs) on their own, or get creative and develop brand new combinations! What would happen if you put ice cream between two sandwich cookies? Would that make an ice cream sandwich sandwich? Or would the culinary world as we know it come to an end? Don’t look at us, you’re the one considering trying it (we bet it would taste unbelievably good, though!).

5. Petit Beurre Biscuits by LU

Now, we said previous cookies were buttery, but these ones are literally called little butters. And for a good reason! They are the simplest and the most exquisite creations of the confectionary world. Petit Beurre biscuits make for the ultimate tea treats, and while delicious both on their own and paired with other flavors, they are especially great as a part of layered desserts. Make a decadent bach of fresh creme, alternate layers of fruit, cream, and Petit Beurre biscuits, let your creation sit in the fridge for a few hours, and enjoy the most refreshing summery treat your taste buds could ever ask for! These stunning shortbread cookies were invented in Nantes in 1886 by Louis Lefèvre-Utile. They have achieved worldwide success since, and it will take just one single bite for you to understand exactly why!

4. Fossier’s Rose Biscuits

A.K.A., the most flavorful take on ladyfingers! You’re probably already familiar with Savoiardi, but have you tried their French counterparts? Elegant, delicate, and simply stunning to look at - they really do exemplify the true aesthetic of French desserts! If you plan on making the most gorgeous treats, or simply want something to liven up your afternoon tea tray and a morning cup of coffee, get your hands on Fossier’s rose biscuits, and you’ll be guaranteed to feel like you’ve awoken in a quaint Parisian home every morning!

3. Palmiers by LU

Can cookies be eye candy? We don’t see why not! And if they can, LU Palmito Palmiers are definitely the most attractive eye candy we’ve ever witnessed! These stunning pastry creations make your mouth water way before you’ve even had the chance to get your hands on them. Layers upon layers of golden-brown buttery flakes are as irresistible as cookies can get. Even though they’re made out of nothing but some pastry and sugar, these confectionary delights are anything but simple - Palmiers are the ultimate gourmet treats. They’re crispy and crunchy while somehow also managing to melt on your tongue in the most enticing fashion. They are considered an irreplaceable classic of French cookies and for a good reason!

2. Almond Macarons by Biscuiterie de Provence

You’ve probably heard of macaroons - they’re adored and renowned across the globe! You’ve probably often confused them with macarons as well - don’t worry, everyone has! And while macaroons are absolutely impeccable, we’re here to talk about the neglected stunners of the French cuisine - and almond macarons are definitely one of the most unjustly sidelined treats of them all! They’re delicate, airy, and light, with the most exquisite nutty flavor of almonds running through them. They never show off and are always reliable - if your guests like cookies, they’re going to love almond macarons by Biscuiterie de Provence. And if they don’t - well, are you sure you even want to trust people who don’t like sweets?

1. Crepe Dentelle by Gavottes

If for no other reason, Crepe Dentelle deserve to be our number one pick solely because they were a complete definition of a happy accident! While overcooking a crepe would be an unfortunate misstep for most of us, it was a blessing in disguise for a young cook who ended up creating these stunning treats because of it! Whether you decide to opt for Gavottes dark chocolate or classic Trau Mad Crepe Dentelle, you’ll end up with what is essentially overcooked and rolled crepe, and as it turns out, they taste better than the properly made ones! I mean, it really shouldn’t have been this much of a surprise - after all, don’t the slightly crispy edges of the crepes always taste the best anyway?

Give these stunning creations a go and when you start purposefully overcooking your crepes, try not to let them go too far!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re all going to head out and get ourselves a couple of (possibly way more) boxes of these impeccable French cookies. You just have the impossible task of picking your favorite to get on with - it shouldn’t be too hard now - don’t forget, all of them is also an option!

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