Ooh La La: French Burgundy Escargot


One of the most divine delicacies in the world is escargot. Escargot is a cooked land snail that you’ll often find in France, Portugal and Spain. It’s often considered one of the dishes that epitomizes French cooking.


Burgundy escargots from Escal are canned for your convenience, plus they are tender and simple to prepare. This trusted brand has been bringing escargots to the world since 1976. Escargots were considered sacred thanks to ancient Greek mythology involving Venus carrying them away from Mount Olympus. Escargot has always represented French cooking at its finest, much thanks to Henry II, who was said to love escargots.

Burgundy, France

Through Escal’s methodical canning procedure, flavors are sealed in for the freshest taste every time. Give this Escargot with Garlic Butter recipe a try. You can cook these with or without the shell, you decide!

Escargot with Butter Sauce



12-18 Escargot

3 Ounces sliced button mushrooms

3 Ounces sliced cep mushrooms

1 Cup dry white wine

1 Cup chicken broth

1 Shallot, chopped

1 Clove garlic, minced

2 Tablespoons butter

2 Teaspoon sour cream

½ Cup parsley, chopped

Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Brown shallots and escargot in a pan with melted butter.
  2. Add wine, chicken broth, mushrooms
  3. Preheat your oven to 350°F. As it preheats, lightly grease a baking dish.
  4. Drain the escargots and pat them dry.
  5. Melt butter in skillet over medium-high heat. Add garlic and cook for a minute before adding the escargots and mushrooms.
  6. Simmer for 8-10 minutes then add garlic and sour cream.
  7. Simmer another 5-7 minutes and add salt and pepper.
  8. Garnish with minced parsley and serve! Enjoy these with a crusty baguette to help soak up the savory sauce!

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